Joyous video of Richmond teen’s excitement at arrival of Kevin the Carrot goes viral

Marcus with his Kevin the Carrots.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have watched a video showing the excitement of a Richmond teenager at receiving a giant Kevin the Carrot.

The video shows 16-year-old Marcus Weston’s reaction as dad Gary brings the huge toy down the drive.

Marcus was born with rare cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome.

He has a number of health issues including autism, hearing loss, congenital heart defects, but this has not stopped him raising thousands of pounds for charity in recent years, including funding for BHF, The Sick Children’s Trust, Butterwick Hospice, Children in Need, Toilet Twinnin and The Great North Air Ambulance.

The video was taken by family friend Kellie Butterworth and posted by his mum Sam on Marcus’ Facebook page.

It has been shared thousands of times with one post alone being watched by 275,000 people.

Media organisations around the world have also run the story.

Kevin is the star of an advert by supermarket chain Aldi.

The company has picked up on the video and sent Marcus some special limited-edition Kevins, with further surprises in store for the teen from the company.

Sam said the family has been inundated with kind-messages, with one woman even sending a Scottish Kevin!

Sam said dad Gary had queued up to make sure he could get a giant Kevin for his son.

“Marcus’ obsession with Kevin the Carrot has been brewing for a few years.

“He is autistic so he has a few obsessions.

“He knew that the giant one was going back on sale because he had seen the adverts, his dad snuck out at half eight on the Sunday morning and sat in the car park for a few hours to get him one.

“Due to CFC syndrome, Marcus struggles with learning, hearing and he also has heart problems.

“He spent the first year of his life in a hospital, one Doctor said he didn’t think he would even see his first birthday.

“He is our little miracle.”

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