Just 20 houses completed in Yorkshire Dales National Park in 2017/18

Images: Thompson Cottages, Hudswell – a community-led scheme of three affordable houses. Photo: Richmondshire District Council.

Just 20 houses were completed in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the 2017/18 financial year, the national park authority’s annual monitoring report has shown.

It is the lowest level of completions since at least 1991, when records began to be kept.

However, the number of planning permissions granted by the authority for homes was – at 67 – the highest since 2007/8.

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The Local Plan has a target of 55 net additional dwellings per annum in the Park.

Member champion for development management Jim Munday said:  “The good news is that we are saying ‘yes’ to housing.

“We know that housing provision has a vital role to play in maintaining sustainable communities.

“It is encouraging that we have been able to approve recently notable housing schemes in places such as Sedbergh and Long Preston.

“However, it is extremely disappointing to see housing completions at a record low.

“Sometimes we see only a short time between planning permission being granted and the houses being built and people moving in.

“That happened last year in Hudswell, where three new houses were built for affordable rent to local people in no time at all.

“Typically, however, there is a big time lag. And it’s a similar story across the rest of Yorkshire, where there are now 24,000 unimplemented planning permissions for housing.”


  1. Perhaps if the planners were less pernickety about design rather than making people make changes to suit the whims of planners, more would be completed

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