Keld Resource Centre opens its doors to community

District Council chairman, Councillor Clive World, met members of the Keld community at the schoolroom opening.

The first phase of a programme to develop the old school in Keld into a community asset has been completed.

With the help of a £20,000 grant from Richmondshire District Council’s Community Investment Fund (CIF), the Keld Resource Centre opened its latest project earlier this month.

It means the old school is now open to groups and individuals.

Developed around a living heritage theme the school provides a space for heritage interpretation, small gatherings and a hub for volunteers.

The adjacent Countryside and Heritage Visitor centre provides a space for people needing shelter from the changeable Upper Dales weather – and an upper room has been developed for training and personal development sessions.

Clive Davies, project manager for the Keld project, said: “Heritage is not just about looking backwards but forwards too – the living heritage theme was developed around this idea.

“Since 2009 the cluster of buildings have been gradually restored and done with local sensibilities in mind.”

Once completed the Keld Resource Centre will have created a sustainable managed resource for the community and visitors and will act as a showpiece for locally led heritage regeneration projects.

“We are delighted to see the community investment fund providing resources for another excellent scheme in the Dales,” said council leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“This not only sees an empty building being reused it is providing a valuable resource for the village and visitors for years to come.”

Cash for the scheme has also come from the Keld Resource Centre donors, Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust and the United Reformed Church (Northern and Yorkshire Synods).

The CIF grant scheme has £250,000 to allocate to community and social projects across Richmondshire this year to support new projects and improvement schemes for facilities for local people.

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