Kiplin Hall holds open day for potential volunteers

Kiplin Hall will hold an open even for potential volunteers tomorrow.

The historic house and gardens near Scorton has been took part in National Volunteers Week last week by sharing details of the different roles volunteers play in the organisation online.

Samantha Jennings, marketing officer at Kiplin, said: “We wanted to give an overview of the types of work volunteers do at Kiplin Hall and Gardens and to offer our sincerest gratitude for the contribution they all make, thank you.

“Our volunteers are affectionately known as our fifth family, following the four families who have owned Kiplin over the last 400 years.

“Kiplin would not be what it is without our volunteers. And you can be one of them.”

The open event will take place on Thursday from 11am to 2pm.

Samantha added: “Have a cuppa and a chat with Rosie, our volunteers manager, and meet current volunteers.

“Let us know you’re coming by email or call the office 01748 818178.” 

The different volunteering roles at Kiplin include:

Garden Volunteers  

Our green fingered volunteers lovingly tend to our gardens all year round, come rain or shine! From seed sowing, weeding, pruning, picking fruit and vegetables for the tearoom, and much more – they truly work wonders. Their hard work and dedication has seen the gardens at Kiplin develop from unloved, overgrown, weed ridden areas, to the restored beautiful spaces we see today.  

Eco Group 

Our Eco group formed in 2018. Our volunteer team bring a wealth of expertise in ecology related subjects, from wildflowers, butterflies and not forgetting our resident feathered friends. Regular surveys are carried out to record the flowers and birds we have here at Kiplin. Other projects include willow weaving screens for the bird hides, clearing dykes in the woodland, and clearing areas in the peninsular wood to create views down to the Hall. Our 90 acres of estate are nurtured by this amazing team, and as with all our volunteers, their contribution is invaluable.  

Annie Marchant Team 

The Annie Marchant collection came to Kiplin in August 2020. Annie Marchant was an Antiques’ dealer from Kent, and as part of her will she wished for the collection to be looked after by a charitable organisation. We were fortunate enough to be chosen to take care of the collection. A project officer was appointed and with that came the recruitment of a team of volunteers to work with the collection. Training was provided in photography, cleaning and our collection database, modes. The team have worked incredibly hard to record and clean all of the collection and prepare it ready for the exhibition which opened on 17th May. Their incredible hard work was recognised by winning a Collections Trust award this year, and we could not be prouder.  

Tour guides 

Kiplin Hall and Gardens has always been a popular destination for pre-booked groups, and our team of knowledgeable tour guides make their visit one to remember. With a wealth of knowledge and fascinating tales to tell, our guides delight groups from all over the world. From local WI groups to touring coach companies, our wonderful guides welcome one and all with open arms and share our 400 years’ worth of history. Our guides never cease to amaze us with their ability to remember stories about the collection, families and centuries of history – they are all truly wonderful! 

Archives and Collection 

At Kiplin, we are incredibly lucky to have our collection and archives made up of the furniture, paintings belongings, scrap books and letters from the four families that lived here over the past 400 years, and we have a fantastic team that look after them. From letter transcribing, scanning, cataloguing, cleaning and clock winding, our team give our treasures tender loving care. All of this incredible work carries on behind the scenes on Thursdays, when we are closed, and during our out of season winter months. Their incredible work and care means that we can carry on researching, conserving and sharing our stories for future generations to enjoy.  

Room Stewards 

Our room stewards are our story tellers. They welcome visitors from far and wide and share stories of our history as well as our collection. They greet visitors to our historical rooms and relish at telling the many tales of our four families lives and their precious belongings. Their warm welcome gives the Hall a cosy atmosphere, and so much so that many visitors believe that is still is a family home today. Their enthusiasm and passion give the Hall it’s heartbeat, and our appreciation is infinite. 

Welcome and Till 

Our welcome and till volunteers greet one and all with a smile and are only too pleased to share information about our estate and facilities. They are the initial warm welcome and enable visitors to navigate the site and make the most of their visit. Till volunteers’ process tickets sales as well as wrap and bag purchases from the shop. Their friendly and efficient service set the tone for a great day out at Kiplin. Their commitment is truly invaluable.   

Celebrating Charter Day 

Every June we gather to celebrate Maryland Charter Day. The Charter Day gathering celebrates Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore, who founded the colony under a Charter that Charles I granted on June 20, 1632. During this celebration we recognise our volunteers’ long service by awarding 5, 10, 15 and 20 year badges. We are delighted that some of our volunteers have been with us for 20 years, their dedication and passion is a testament to what a special place Kiplin is.