Kiplin Hall reopens for new season with personal touches added to enhance visits

Snowdrops at Kiplin Hall. Photo: Judith Harper.

Personal touches have been added to the rooms at Kiplin Hall to give visitors fresh insight into the lives of its former inhabitants.

The historic home reopens its doors for the 2020 season this month.

Trustees say Kiplin is already known for its informal and friendly style, with the collection on open display and volunteer room stewards bringing the history of the place to life for visitors through conversation.

Over the winter months staff have redisplayed the hall’s contents to better reflect the essence of Kiplin as a home, and a retreat from the international adventure that members from Kiplin’s four families were engaged in.

Curator Sarah Mayhew Craddock said: “By adding the personal touches, the sensory material that make a house a home and revealing the personality of the proprietors and their families, we hope to better communicate the stories of Kiplin to visitors.

“Using historic photographs as a guide and working with the head gardener I’ve sought out the best quality artificial flowers and foliage with which to dress Kiplin in a manner that it was once dressed including arranged palms, parlor plants, and flowers.

“During the 2020 season visitors will also see the installation of some custom-made display solutions that will enable the display of pivotal documents and insightful items from the collection that are currently hidden away in the archives.

“These items play an important role in describing the way in which Kiplin was used and provide fascinating information about what the proprietors were doing overseas.”

Examples include original sheet music being displayed on the piano, needle craft, and art materials displayed on tables, letters to loved ones in far-flung lands, business documents describing the sale and purchase of assets at various times to various ends, and photographs of overseas adventures.”

Kiplin Hall and Gardens is open six days a week from Friday, March 6 to Sunday, November 1, closed on Thursdays.

Visitors can enjoy exploring the historic house and the ample grounds and can dine in the atmospheric tea room.

Visit for details of the 2020 events programme.