Kiska and Cuddles to take part in London Marathon to help save the orangutang

Kiska Wilson with Cuddles.

A Catterick Garrison woman will run her first ever marathon to help save the orangutang.

Kiska Wilson will take part in the London Marathon in April for the Sumatran Orangutang Society who work to save orangutangs and their rainforests.

And as if running 26 miles was not hard enough, Kiska will be accompanied on the challenge with Cuddles, a cuddly toy orangutang on her back.

Kiska, whose husband serves in the Army, said: “There are only 14,000 orangutangs left in the world in wild.

“It is estimated that if we don’t do something about it, in 10 years time there will be no orangutangs left in wild so my chosen small charity has a massive task in their hands.

“I am on a mission to raise £2,000 for them. Every penny goes to help rescue the orangutangs from burning rainforests, from poachers then rehabilitate and relocate them to safe areas as well as to fight against deforestation and mass oil palm plantation.”

As well as donations, Kiska is looking for businesses who would be happy to donate anything she can use for raffle prizes.

She added: “It could be anything from knitted toys, beauty products, haircuts, alcohol, tattoo vouchers, sports sessions, treatments, cakes, anything really.

“Or if anyone has a shop or business where I could leave one of my collection boxes – that would be fantastic too.”

To sponsor Kiska click here.

To contact her with offers of help you can find her on Facebook here.