Kitten rescued from Wensleydale quarry

The kitten after being rescued.

A kitten has been rescued after from the bottom of a 30ft-deep quarry.

The animal is set to be rehomed after being stranded in Harmby Quarry, near Leyburn, for at least three days.

The kitten’s loud meows were heard coming from the quarry by dog walker Leonie Garrard on Friday, however she could not see the stricken animal.

She sought the help of Liz Lobley, who runs a pet shop in Leyburn and is known for helping animals in distress.

However, she too was unable to see the animal. Unsure what to do, Liz contacted a number of organisations but were told there was little they could do if nobody could see the animal or would charge a call-out fee.

Harmby Quarry.

Liz then spoke to local tree surgeon Sean Stockdale who agreed to help.

He abseiled down into the quarry and spotted the cat stuck on a ledge 10ft up.

Although he was unable to reach the animal, because he had seen it, the RSPCA agreed to come out.

Inspector John Lawson attended the following day.

He said: “The frightened kitten had been spooked and tucked herself into a tight crevice which we couldn’t reach.

“The old quarry was deep and the kitten was thought to be trapped halfway down the cliff edge. It was very dangerous for both the kitten and for anyone trying to help her.

“Locals said the poor kitten had been stuck down there since at least Friday when they first heard meowing and they grew more and more concerned when it didn’t stop.”

RSPCA animal rescue officer David Holgate then attended with tree surgeon Sean and set up a cat trap which they then lowered into the quarry secured with a rope.

John returned the following day to check the trap.

He added: “I returned and was thrilled that the trap had worked and the kitten was trapped, safely, inside.

“I carefully winched the cat trap up and finally got a glance at the frightened little tabby and white kitten.

“It’s difficult to know how the little one ended up in such a perilous spot; she may have been born to a stray cat down in the depths of the quarry and started meowing for help after getting separated from her mum.

“Alternatively, she may have ventured away from her mum and tumbled into the quarry to become stuck. Either way, we were very worried about her down there so it was wonderful to finally see her back on higher ground.”

John took the little eight-week-old cat – now nicknamed Little Dot – to RSPCA officer and fosterer Inspector Steph Baines.

Steph said: “She’s doing well and now has two big step-brothers, who are around five-months-old and were rescued after their mum – a feral cat – became injured and the whole family needed some help.

“Little Dot and her two big brothers – Joey and Chandler – are all nervous but are slowly getting braver and will now let me stroke them.”

Liz said spent three days trying to get some help for the kitten.

“If I get the bit between my teeth I don’t give up — I’m just so pleased she was rescued.”

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