Labour announces candidate for Richmond seat at General Election

Labour has announced Newcastle councillor Dan Perry as their candidate for Richmond at the General Election.

The Labour Party has announced Newcastle councillor Dan Perry as their candidate for Richmond at the General Election.

His candidacy was confirmed by Labour’s National Executive Committee yesterday.

He is councillor for North Jesmond, in Newcastle, and Labour Party officials say he has a track record of taking on non-target seats and winning.

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The candidate is a lead engineer at GE Power (formerly Alstom) in Newcastle.

Labour says he has extensive experience in the green energy market, and one of his main interests is the development and implementation of clean energy strategies locally within the constituency.

Dan said: “I am privileged and honoured to have been selected as the Labour Party candidate for such a prestigious seat as Richmond.

“Having learned about the impact that fracking has already had upon North Yorkshire, it is vital we seek sustainable and locally sourced energy solutions for the future.

“Offshore wind power springs to mind as the most likely route for this. In the short term expanding solar power across the constituency will be a key priority of mine should I be elected as your Member of Parliament on June 8th.

“Your vote matters in this election, like never before. Only a vote for the Labour Party offers you an opportunity to say no to both Tory complacency and Liberal Democrat intransigence. Indeed, the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘What have they ever done for you? ”

Owain Gardner, Dan’s agent, said: “Dan is a great candidate for Richmond, he is committed to finding local solutions to local problems whilst at the same time as being ambitious for the constituency at a national level.

“His experience in local government stands him in good stead to develop locally based policy, informed positions and then represent the people of Richmond in Parliament.

“We are all looking forward to putting our message across on the doorsteps of Richmond.”

Richmond Constituency Labour Party will be holding a Meet your Candidate event on Saturday 6th May, between 6pm and 8pm, in Richmond Town Hall.

This is open to the public to attend.

Dan will give a little bit about himself, but he is keen to find out about your priorities which he can then put into action in the campaign.