Lack of quality football pitch at Colburn Leisure Centre queried

Colburn Village Hall.

Minutes from Colburn Town Council’s February meeting.


Mayor Melanie Bell (Chair) Councillors: Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale, Helen Grant, Lynn Nassau, Bev Partridge, Stuart Styles (early part of meeting), Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward & Steve Wright Clerk: Philippa Graves Deputy Clerk: Angela Pickersgill

There were 9 members of the public present. Cllr Grant opened the meeting and chaired until 6.30 pm when Cllr Bell took over.

1. APOLOGIES –Cllr J Sharma(working) Invited but no attendance – District Cllr W Glover



It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 16th January and minutes of the Play Park and Open Spaces Sub-committee meetings held on 17th January and 15th February were approved as a true and correct record and were signed by the Mayor.

Matters arising – From page 1, Defibrillators for Colburn Ward – Deputy Clerk confirmed that in total 5 defibrillators had arrived and Dave Jones (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) would be attending the Mayor’s Charity Tea on Sat 25th Feb to do information sessions to enable members of the community to be confident when using the defibrillators.

From page 1, Response from Callum McKeon to hold housing development applications until the results of the Drainage Area Plan are known and the status of the pipework in Colburn has been clarified – The clerk had emailed and rung Maria Hullah YW, who was out of the office until 20th February when she would reply. Cllr Chadwick had some involvement with the drainage work and confirmed that the area from Firefly Walk, Fourth Avenue through to Piper Hill had been tested and was flowing satisfactorily but some pipes were lying too shallow in the ground. He mentioned the catchment area which feeds into this network which was far wider than councillors realised. In planning terms, they had only been thinking of developments in Colburn but Brompton-onSwale, Catterick and other small development areas fed into this system which would need consideration in the future.

From page 1, Colburn Leisure Centre report – clarification was requested as to whether rugby is played regularly as well as football on the pitches. Rugby for both adults and youngsters is played. The request to Mark Robson for an explanation of why the proposed ground work to create a match quality football pitch at the Centre had not happened had been passed to Callum McKeon for a response. At the meeting held on 17th March 2016 with RDC leadership, assurances were given that money from the New Homes Bonus would benefit Colburn but to date no scheme had been proposed. Various funds including the Social Fund had been created but the conditions made applications difficult. The clerk was asked to write to Callum McKeon, with a copy to Mark Robson, on these two separate issues and question why no follow up action had occurred.

From page 3, clash of meetings RDC & Town Council – Cllr Glover had responded that he preferred to use the informal approach and any resident or Town Councillor was welcome to call at his home, by phone or email to discuss problems or issues. This method seems to be successful as he has always performed well in local elections (email circulated with agenda). Michael Dowson, Democratic Services Manager, confirmed by email that there is no legal duty for a District Councillor to attend Parish meetings and given the number of parishes, District Councillors would find it difficult in some areas. In regard to meetings, clashing it is often impossible to arrange meetings that do not clash.


The following report for period 14th Jan to 18th Feb was circulated at the meeting. Crime report for same period 2015/16, 14 compared with 12 for 2016/17. Sgt Kevin Graham attended the meeting and reported that PC Treweek would be working out of the area for a short period but he would be seeking additional support. The area currently receiving extra patrols was the Business Park. Albermarle Drive Play area was being visited by 6 young adults (not children) in the evening and the doorway of the toilets at White Shops should be checked.

3 Violent offences – 2 males were arrested on separate incidents. 3 Theft offences – all incidents from local shops, enquiries are still on going. 1 Autocrime – female reported her car stolen. Officers are still investigating. 3 Criminal damage offences – 2 incidents are linked to domestic incidents. 1 offence related to the theft of a vehicle that damaged a fence. Other criminal offences enquiries are still on going.

Anti-social Behaviour –18 reports (13 in the same period 2015/16).

Ward Surgeries PCSO Kaye and PCSO Whitehead will be holding ward surgeries at the Colburn Library on the following dates. If you have anything you want to discuss then please attend and speak with them.

Thursdays at 10 – 11 pm on 16th March, 20th April and 18th May.

North Yorkshire Community Messenger service is a free service that allows messages to be shared by the Police to members of a specific community area. Messages can be received via email, text, facebook and phone message. It is easy to sign up, just visit from a PC or smartphone. If you are interested in signing up to community messenger but do not feel confident enough with or have access to the internet please make contact with a member of the team.

Keep up to date with Catterick Policing by joining twitter and follow us @NYPCatterickSNT Anyone interested in Colburn specific incidents or who is interested in Colburn Community Watch can follow us on TWITTER@colburnwatch.

National 24 hr non-emergency number 101 (15p per call from mobile or landline) or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 In an emergency or where a crime is in progress always call 999. Contact details _ PC 138 Gary Treweek PCSO 3556 Angela Kay PCSO 6602 Katie Whitehead  If you wish to speak to a member of the team by phone please ring 101, option 2 and ask for the person you wish to speak with using their collar number as above 138, 3556 or 6602.


Since Area 1 Highways had taken over control, weekly updates were being circulated to anyone providing an email address and these were appearing on Town Council website and facebook page. Expected completion 7th of July. Since the last meeting signage still appeared to be lacking to reduce speed through the residential areas . Neil Linfoot only started working on the project 4 – 5 weeks ago and was exploring various options for a 20 mph limit as a temporary measure but had to balance benefits and impact on local residents. HGV vehicles had been stopped using the estate as a detour. It was requested that old September completion date signs should be removed. Pedestrian safety was questioned as Cllr Wright had to use a head torch at night to negotiate the area and Neil Linfoot agreed to check this. Public members questioned why Byng Road had been closed from the outset as nothing had happened since December and if it was re-opened it would reduce the local traffic congestion considerably. Bad potholes were reported at the main junction.

Cllr Dale asked about drainage back along the A6136 to The Chase roundabouts which regularly floods. Mr Linfoot confirmed that investigations had found drains blocked by tree roots and all gullies had now been cleared and cleaned out. Cllr Sutterby asked about the remedial work that had been spoken about – Mr Linfoot had just started detailed plans for this which would include re-surfacing the road from Vicarage Road roundabout to Back Lane turning and relevant kerbing, re-instating verges etc. Mr Linfoot was thanked for his time and information and confirmed that either he or Richard Marr would update the Council on a monthly basis.

The question of parking on double yellow lines at The Broadway/First Avenue was brought up by a member of the public because no enforcement was taking place. The traffic police should target 8.30 – 9.30 am and lunchtimes as this is when many people park and purchase food and drinks from the various businesses there.


A meeting with Easingwold Town Council had taken place on Thursday 2nd February with Cllrs Bell, Chadwick, Dale, Grant and Wright representing Colburn Town Council. Easingwold’s clerk had emailed files of their current plan, Terms of Reference, CIL information sheet, Project Plan and report on Public Consultation. Councillors felt the meeting had been valuable and were surprised that the cost to Easingwold had been £14,000 to date, much less than anticipated. Cllr Dale gave a brief explanation to the public of what a neighbourhood plan was and how it had to be run by local residents, not the Town Council. The benefit of a 25% gain from the Community Infrastructure Levy on development if a plan was in place would be considerable in view of what contained within the Local Plan for Colburn. By law, the District Council is required to support parishes wishing to create a plan and Callum McKeon would visit and explain how to move forward. Local residents would be needed to form a Steering Group to project manage the various consultations required. Neighbourhood Planning training could be organised to take place in Colburn, open to other councils, at a cost of £115 per councillor as against £76 for the York seminar. It was agreed that this was too expensive.


County Councillor Grant gave an update on some of the issues with which she had been involved –

Beckfield – area being monitored re provision of double yellow lining (new housing off Back Lane, Albermarle Drive)

White shops. She had been very vocal about the project and had attended the newly formed programme board which would be very helpful. She had received a number of comments and responses which she had shared. The best outcome was that a target date was agreed of 7 July. An officer would either present a written report or attend in person at future town council meetings. She had finally received responses to her requests for information related to Hildyard Row Car Park costings which she had shared with the office.

Shared information regarding sewage infiltration – into Colburn Village from pipe crossing David Wood’s land.

Asked for an update on Colburn Leisure Centre (Statutory Declaration has been made and draft lease sent to RLT’s solicitors).

Followed up concerns by a resident regarding the condition of the Coast to Coast walk. Pathways had accepted that this needed hard coring but it would have to form a queue with other areas.

Reported accumulation of mattresses, black bags and general litter behind hedge at Forest Drive/water works land.

She had followed up concerns regarding litter in the trees between the 2 parts of the industrial estate, issues related to the location of the burger van and the environmental issues related to lorries parking on the roads.

She had arranged for 3 grit bins to be provided on the Albermarle/Falkland roads. These had been provided by NYCC Hghways.

NYCC planning applications are in hand for Colburn Community Primary School and work continues for the Darlington College school via an academy.

She had spent a morning at Risedale College and had been particularly impressed by the atmosphere and conduct of the young people. She had leafleted contact details to residents.

She told members that she had voted against the budget at county council, not because it was incorrect, but because it did not challenge the method of finding more money for social care which would in effect cover the cost of increased national wage but still leave a massive shortfall in funding.

She told members that she would be standing in the County council elections in May and hoped to be successful in order to continue supporting community ventures.

There was an issue with an Arriva bus at Tesco which was asked by a customer to “drop” to allow easy access. However, the driver either could not or would not which begs the question of how many buses have this facility and the training of the drivers. Cllr Grant was asked if Catterick Village Parish Council was invited to the GAP meeting which she confirmed it was but rarely attended. She would check to see they are invited for the next meeting on 16th March. A problem was reported for lorries trying to access the Lorry Park as on Thursdays a Bingo Night is held nearby and the number of cars parking in the area was causing difficulties which she would investigate.


Cllr Partridge – queried her report for the January meeting which did not arrive by email in time for circulation although she had sent it on Monday morning whilst the office was open. The email was not logged in until 3.25 pm and opened on Tuesday am. Copies were circulated at the meeting. She had attended the Boundary review meeting, chaired the Scrutiny Task group meeting on car parking charges and assisted in an issue at Oak Tree Court. Members of the public asked several questions on the issue of the White Shop car park as they were business owners who were badly affected by the current road works and had signed the petition to lift charges permanently to maintain the survival of the shops. They felt that 80% of those using the car park were attending the two dentist practices and were not shoppers as they could have free parking at local supermarkets, Shute Road or Princes Gate. Information had been given to Cllr Grant by Colin Dales that the average income from the car park was £12,000, costs £5,300 giving a net gain of approx. £6,700 a year. The car park had a purchase valuation of £55,000 based on existing use and he was awaiting a lease valuation. All RDC car parks contributed to the income stream which supports the Council’s base budget. Colin Dales had been asked to set a meeting between the 3 parish councils involved – Scotton (in whose parish the car park lay), Colburn (in whose parish the shops stood) and Hipswell (who had residents using the services of the shops) to see if any joint action could be agreed. Councillors questioned the true annual gain as did it include provision for future re-surfacing/relining which Colburn knew from enquiries for the Broadway car park, was a large capital outlay.

It was agreed to ask the clerk to write to Colin Dales (copy to Callum McKeon) in support of setting up a tripartite meeting to discuss all options and for further information on capital cost provision at this car park. Information on other car park figures in Richmondshire would be requested so that comparisons can be made.

Cllr Dale – reported the £5 increase agreed on Council Tax at the Corporate Board meeting. She had pointed out the difficulty in accessing the new Social Fund as few organisations could provide 70% of the budget upfront to get only 30% grant. She had spoken to Carillion about helping with the woodland strip at The Chase/Arras Line development when the TC had ownership. She had spoken to Tesco about putting in a Colburn scheme for the “blue token” box. Full RDC Council meeting Tues 21st February.


Present membership – Cllr Mel Bell as chair of both sub-committees Play Park & Open Spaces – Cllrs Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale & Helen Grant Planning – Cllrs Lynn Nassau, Gareth Sutterby, Michael Ward and Steve Wright

a. Play Park & Open Spaces Sub-Committee – Next meeting arranged for Wed 8th March at 2 pm.

b. Joint Burial Board –minutes of meeting Thurs 19th Jan and notes from Cllr Grant were circulated with agenda. Latest meeting held on Thurs 16th Feb.

c. Garrison Area Partnership – minutes of meeting held on Thurs 8th Dec at Risedale Sports & Community College were circulated at the meeting. Next meeting to be held on Thurs 16th March at 6.30 pm at Tesco’s Store, Catterick Garrison.

d. Planning Sub-Committee – Peter Featherstone had emailed a list of the current development sites with details of the Section 106 agreeement funding in response to the TC’s query (email circulated with agenda). “Planning Decision Making – What you need to Know” – document presented by Peter Featherstone to the Richmond Yorkshire Local Councils Association meeting held on 9th February 2017 (circulated for information at the meeting). Colin Boynton had been asked about the long term status of the woodland backing onto The Chase which he confirmed was owned by the MOD but they did not have any immediate plans for the area. However, it adjoins future potential development areas such as the vehicle park and Pinhill Mess and the MOD would not consider doing anything with the area which could impact on future development proposals (email circulated at meeting).

Plans agreed by Colburn Town Council:- none RDC decisions:- PASSED 16/00597/S106 Application to vary the Section 106 to allow the 8 affordable units to be disposed of on a Discounted Open Market Value (DOMV) at Former Inpipe Products Ltd, Catterick Road, Colburn DL9 4RR Persimmon Homes Teeside (passed 17.1.17)

Cllr Sutterby had attended the Boundary Review meeting at Mercury House which appeared mainly to be a money saving exercise to reduce the overall number of councillors to help reduce costs.



Funding of 2 part-time self-employed Youth Workers for Colburn The Social Fund does not allow rolling over of costs and wages cannot be included so the annual £4800 cost will have to be provided by the Town Council. Cllr Sutterby questioned why the decision to support the funding of Youth Workers had not been accompanied by targets such as the number of young people attending. If this was very small, was it value for money for the residents paying tax? Cllr Dale felt that all efforts to encourage young people into safe company doing educational and creative activities was worthwhile and needed as there was little current provision. Large numbers of young people were using the computers at the Library and if this could be expanded to other activities in the Village or Church Hall, it could have an impact on anti-social behaviour figures and help young people as they moved towards Sixth Form and Higher Education. The clerk reported that it was likely a cheque would need to be signed for the March meeting to move things forward.

Cheques for approval – list circulated at meeting It was RESOLVED to pay the following cheques presented for 2 signatures:

United Carlton Office Systems – Jan copier charge £30.10 Purple Creative Studio – website hosting renewal £114.00 Broxap Ltd – 2 Cigarette bins for Play parks £685.08 Mayor of Darlington Charity Fund – 2 tickets 11th Feb £30.00 Many Bookkeeping Services Feb Payroll £15.00 Prest Engineering (slide repairs – Piper Hill £360.00 Darlington BC Mayor’s Charity Ball – 2 tickets 28th April £100.00 Newsletter Feb No 8 re-imbursement to Cllr M Bell £171.00 Clerk’s salary Feb (+6.5 hrs) £538.84 Re-imbursements – mileage £33.55) Copy Paper, paper clips, staples £12.27) Stamps £28.56) Computer repair £45.00) £119.38 £658.22 Deputy Clerk’s salary Feb (+6.5 hrs) £367.37
– 6 –
Robertson’s Garden Services – 16th Jan –10th Feb 4 weeks £1200.00 Extra post Albermarle Park new gate £39.94 Plants, compost for barrels £172.44 £1412.38 United Carlton Office Systems – Feb copier charge

SC Electrics were not aware that this year’s Christmas Tree would be so much taller therefore a lift was hired but the area could not be accessed due to bollards although they had to pay for he hire. Extra long ladders were hired to enable the job to take place for which the Council has not been charged. Next year, the Maintenance Person needs to obtain the key to open the bollards to enable access.


MONDAY 20th March 2017 at 6.15 pm followed by Monday 10th April.

13. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (at the Chairman’s discretion)

Cllr Wright – took up the point raised by Cllr Chadwick about the amount and direction of sewerage coming into Colburn and felt we needed more information. Cllr Chadwick suggested we ask for the Odessy data and the clerk should write to Maria Hullah for this. Cllr Chadwick – on the question of the car park at Vicarage Road (White Shops) should the business owners get together and make an application to the Economic Fund for the purchase or lease for their future security. Cllr Dale – Fri 24th Feb Northern Soul Night. This was a first timer for such an event in the Village Hall. Sat 25th Feb Mayor’s Charity Tea with Tombola and Raffle

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.