Larger garden waste bins to be delivered to licence holders

Picture: RDC.

Richmondshire residents who apply for a new garden waste licence will receive a larger bin ahead of this year’s collections starting in March, council officials say.

The waste collection service has been standardised to ensure everyone receives the same service regardless of where they live in the county.

A licence for the 2024 season costs £46.50 for fortnightly garden waste collections between March and early December, with the licence covering one 240-litre wheelie bin.

This is an increase of £21 on the previous year’s tariff, when residents had a 140-litre bin.

Council staff have confirmed Richmondshire residents will get a larger bin to replace their existing bin before the start of collections, if they subscribe to the service.

North Yorkshire Council’s executive member for managing our environment, Cllr Greg White, said: “We carefully considered the best approach for the delivery of garden waste collections, and a key priority for the new council was to standardise the service across the county.

“Residents are encouraged to buy a licence in plenty of time before the start of the service in March. Although they can still pay for a licence at any time during the season, the service will not start until their licence arrives and is displayed on their bin.”

When residents buy a licence, they will receive a licence pack within 14 days. To make a payment and for more information about the garden waste service, including collection dates, visit the council’s website at

Residents are also encouraged to compost at home or take their garden waste to one of the 20 household waste recycling centres across North Yorkshire.

Cllr White added: “We always encourage people to make use of our recycling centres and start home composting, which is easy and environmentally-friendly.

“From lawn clippings to fruit and vegetable peelings, homemade compost has many benefits for your soil and plants. With the spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start your own compost bin and improve your garden’s biodiversity.”

The council has an offer for a low-cost compost bin, and further information is available at


  1. Disgusting rise, was £26 last year and now they want £46.50. Not even all-year collections either so you can’t use it for food waste between Dec and March. Don’t they realise there’s a cost of living crisis going on? Thought it was maybe them changing the bin lorries to accommodate the larger bins but they say you can continue to use the smaller bins but still pay £46.50. So it’s not that, just plain old profiteering!

  2. Why do we have to follow every one else. Why can’t they come down to our price instead. Would not be bad if it was all year round. We need the green bin more at the back end of the year. It would save us putting it in the black bin.

  3. I question the reason for this action – what will happen to all the existing bins? Just be dumped behind fencing as the bins collected in when residents declined to pay for the collection of garden waste?
    I hope and pray our councillors will begin to use our hard earned money more wisely. Repairs to our dreadful road surfaces would be an excellent start.

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