Latest research on Middleham Jewel to be discussed

The Middleham Jewel. Photo: English Heritage,.

The latest research on the Middleham Jewel will be discussed at a talk next month.

Dr Kate Giles will give qa talk to Middleham and Dales Local History Group at Middleham Key Centre at 2pm on July 18.

The gold lozenge-shaped pendant set with a large blue sapphire is thought to be the work of a 15th century goldsmith.

It was discovered by a metal detectorist near Middleham Castle in 1985 and has been the subject of intense study ever since.

The original is displayed at York’s Yorkshire Museum, while St Akelda’s Church, Middleham, has a replica.

Dr Kate Giles, co-director of the Centre for Christianity and Culture at the University of York, will share her thoughts about this unique treasure.

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