Le Cateau pupils try out yoga and attend self-esteem workshops at second Well-Being Day

Le Cateau Primary School hosted its second Well-Being Day before the half-term.

During the day, pupils participated in a range of stimulating, fun and relaxing activities that aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking.

Activities included yoga, mindfulness art and crafts, making healthy snacks, building self-esteem workshops and visualization exercises.

The nursery children planted sunflower seeds of kindness.

Alison Cafferty, deputy headteacher, was behind the day.

She said: “We decided to build the theme of kindness into our day.

“Research tells us that being kind to others helps to promote our own self-esteem and well-being.

“With this in mind, we invited pupils to complete an act of kindness during the week prior to our Well-Being Day.

“This could be simply sharing with a sibling, or helping with a chore. Throughout the day, teachers invited children to share with the class any acts of kindness they had done earlier on in the week.”

The school also invited parents and carers to join us in the school hall for some further well-being fun at the end of the day.

“We had stalls and activities for parents and children to participate in and drinks and healthy snacks were available. The event was very well attended and we appreciate all the support we receive from our parents.

“All the staff and children got involved and really enjoyed the activities. One pupil said the best part of the day was learning about unkind words using toothpaste.

“The children had to squeeze the toothpaste into a bowl. They were then told that the toothpaste represented unkind words. They then had to try and get all the toothpaste back into the tube. The children realised that it was not possible. They learnt that once those unkind words have come out, you can’t take them back, no matter how sorry you are.”

Ian Mottram, headteacher, was very pleased with how the day went.

““It fits in nicely with our moto at Le Cateau ‘Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Your Best’, and is clearly a high profile agenda on a national scale. We need to ensure we look after ourselves in order to reach our full potential”.

The well-being day will now be an annual event and be part of the school calendar.