Legally set trap damaged in Wensleydale

An example of a rail trap on moorland in the Dales. Photo: Ray Woodcraft.

Police are appealing for information after a legal moorland trap was damaged.

The incident happened on September 23 or 24 this week.

It involved a legal rail trap set on the moors above Sedbusk, near Hawes.

Rail traps are commonly used to catch small mammals such as stoats and rats.

They typically in involve a trap placed on a beam over a small stream. The trap is covered to stop other animals from getting caught, with a small gap at each end.

A police spokesperson said: “If you believe a trap is illegally set please do not touch it, just make a note of the location, photograph it and contact the police on 101.

“The local wildlife crime officer will check it and get back to you.”

Anyone with information about the damage should call 101.