Leyburn Arts and Community Centre to hold volunteer open day

Leyburn Arts and Community Centre.

Leyburn Arts and Community Centre to hold volunteer open day on Saturday from 10am to 12noon, with free coffee and cake.

Jeannie Bishop, chair of the venue, said the event would celebrate the “volunteers, past, present, and hopefully future”.

She added: “We also want other people to come along, have a look around and see what happens in the arts and community centre.

“So often do locals say to us ‘I didn’t know that’ or ‘I’ve never been in this building’ and this is our chance to chat over free coffee and cake.

“The valued contribution of volunteers to the smooth running of the centre is our biggest asset and we want to thank all volunteers as well as encourage others to join.”

Current volunteers will be in attendance, with representatives from all parts of the centre — Tuesday Club, Lunch Club, Gardeners, Room Preparation, Reception, Cinema, Cafe and behind the scenes eg Website, Twitter, flyer deliveries, maintenance, reception.

Jeannie added: “Volunteers will provide a welcoming face, give encouragement and be on hand to assist with recruitment on the day.

“They will be able to talk about their own roles or give a guided tour around the building, gardens and community shed location.

“If you are a supporter of the centre there is no pressure for you to join as a volunteer, unless of course you like what you see and hear and think you could enjoy being a part of our merry ban.”