Leyburn author publishes new book for teenagers

Hannah Russell with her book.

A new book for teenagers will be released by Leyburn author Hannah Russell this month.

The Travel Girl is the 23-year-old’s first book aimed at teenagers and young adults.

It is written from the perspective of a teenage girl called Felicity who travels the world having many mishaps and adventures along the way.

The book is a fictional story for teenagers and young adults.

Hannah said: “I first had this idea for the book when I was just 17 myself and started to make notes on it.

“As I’ve got older it’s had so many re-writes and I finally feel ready to release the story.

“Lockdown earlier this year gave me chance to look at the story again.”

She adde: “I really love the character in the book Felicity — she goes through so many challenges and I think in today’s society that is pretty normal for anyone.

“There is so many different influences and people to follow on social media there is still the stigma to want to be like them, but most of it is a front.

“As I’ve got older I’ve realised behind closed doors everyone’s life is pretty similar — nobody is perfect and life has its ups and downs and this is what the character in the story really shows on her journey.

“It’s quite a long book at over 400 pages and took me around a year to write.”

The new book is being released on the August 21 and is now available for pre-orders online.

Hannah has won multiple awards across the globe for her writing skills and the book has already been rated as a must read this summer and has been described as a witty book full of life.

The award-winning author first released her first book about her pony Little Alf when she was 17.

To pre-order the book click here.