Leyburn author publishes new children’s book

Hannah Russell with her new book.

Leyburn author Hannah Russell has published a new children’s book.

Now 24, Hannah wrote The Scary Hair Fairy when she was just 17.

The story, which is aimed at under 6s, tells the story of a fairy who travels around at night and causes lots of mischief.

It’s full of illustrations and has been described as a bedtime story.

Hannah said: “I wrote this book when I was 17 but I always wanted to get it published one day.

“My parents always used to tell me ‘the scary hair fairy’ had visited when I woke up in a morning as I always had curly messy hair as a child, and I wanted to adapt it into a story.”

Hannah said she had been talking about hairdressers being closed during the lockdown and this inspired her to revisit the book and work with an illustrator to bring the character to life.

The best-selling author is best known for her stories based on Little Alf, the miniature Shetland pony, who stands at 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism.

“Although the book isn’t based on Little Alf like my previous stories, I wanted to publish the story as it’s fun and something I enjoyed having a part of my childhood —it will be nice to share it with others.”

The book is now available to purchase on Amazon and from Hannah’s website www.hannahrussellauthor.co.uk­