Leyburn children’s author publishes new book

Leyburn children’s author Hannah Russell has announced the launch of her 14th book featuring the adventures of her miniature Shetland pony Alf.

Little Alf and the Farmyard Friends tells the tale of Little Alf on the farm and meeting new friends.

It is aimed at children aged under six.

Hannah, now 25, wrote her first book when she was just 17.

Hannah said: “I love writing the Little Alf books. His following keeps growing online and his books get shipped around the world.

“I never imagined we would be where we are today all those years ago.”

Little Alf books have been published in multiple languages and his children’s series have been awarded numerous awards with books regularly featuring in the best-selling charts.

Little Alf is a miniature Shetland who stands at 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism.

He came to live with Hannah in 2012.

He gave the author a new focus when she dropped out of college and she started a blog about him online.

In recent years Hannah’s pages have expanded and she now features all of her 20-plus pets online and her brand has become Hannah, Little Alf and friends.

‘There is always something going on at my house.

“I’ve recently got two Valais black nose sheep who are full of fun and have been hitting over two million views on their videos.

“I have plans to write about them one day as well as continuing to add to the Little Alf series.”

You can now pre order the new book online at: https://www.hannahlittlealfandfriends.com/product-page/little-alf-the-farm-yard-friends­