Leyburn community shed scheme gets £2,000 funding boost

A new community shed being built in Leyburn has received a £2,000 don nation from Wensleydale Rotary to help with provision of equipment.

The donation was made after Julian Pinches, who is the driving force behind the development of the shed, recently spoke to members of Wensleydale Rotary.

The shed is currently under construction on land at the rear of the Leyburn Arts and Community Centre at the Old School House in Leyburn.

The new building is made from three metal shipping containers joined together to make a work space.

Work is progressing to finish the building internally with a regular band of volunteers providing the muscle.

Julian spoke of the aims of the community shed which will provide a space for individuals, men or women, to come together as self-supporting groups to learn new skills such as woodworking, metalwork, crafting and jewellery making.

Wensleydale Rotary president David Spashett said: “The Leyburn Community Shed will be an enormous asset to the town and will give purpose to those using the space that previously felt isolated and alone.

“For that reason we felt it was important to support it”.

The donation was made in partnership with the Rotary Foundation which is Rotary International’s charity.

The charity provides support for projects to change people’s lives both at home and across the world.

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