Leyburn dental nurse to have head shaved for charity

Sarah Robinson and colleagues.

After and seeing many of her family, friends and patients affected by cancer and other life-changing illnesses, a dental nurse is to have her hair shaved off to raise funds for a cancer charity.

Since turning 50 last May, Sarah Robinson, from Leyburn, has reflected a great deal on the value of health.

She said: “Many of my close friends, family members and patients I see at work have encountered life -changing health issues and illnesses.

“Many have been affected by cancer and sadly some of them are no longer with us. Some are on their treatment journey and amazingly many have fought courageously and are on the other side.”

Having previously run the Race for Life and the Great North Run she felt the need to do something that would push her out of her comfort zone and announced to her shocked family, friends and colleagues that she was having her hair shaved-off.

She continued: “Lots of people encountering chemotherapy amongst other reasons for hair loss don’t have that choice and they are dealing with illness, worry and dreadful side effects.”

She has chosen to raise money for The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre Northallerton a local facility treating, caring, providing and supporting friends and loved ones through cancer treatments and health and wellbeing services.

Her bad hair day will take place next month at the Dental Practice on a training day as her colleagues have been so supportive to her fundraising. She initially aimed at raising £1,000 but has already passed the £2,000 mark.

To donate call in at Leyburn Dental Practice or click here.