Leyburn distillery supplying hand sanitiser across UK

Chris Taplin makes the alcohol hand sanitiser.

A Leyburn distillery which switched some of its production capacity to make alcohol hand sanitiser has received orders from across the UK.

Taplin & Mageean started making 80% alcohol hand sanitiser that meets World Heath Organisation specifications at the start of the lockdown.

The sanitiser was originally — and still is — available free to local NHS staff and carers.

However, the distillery also sells the product to individuals and companies.

Chris Young, from the distillery, said: “Our motivation behind producing the hand sanitiser was to provide it free of charge to all local NHS and frontline workers in Wensleydale and Swaledale, as we wanted to help those that were helping all of us during the pandemic.

“However, with everyone beginning to focus on emerging from lockdown now, we have noticed a rapidly growing demand from all over the UK.

“As everywhere gradually begins to open up, there will be strict hygiene requirements, and we see people gearing up for this by stocking up on sanitiser.

“Our latest order was from a construction company in London because there is a national shortage, and much of what is available is priced ridiculously high.

“We have kept our costs low, as we see the provision of sanitiser as a service and we make our money out of selling gin.”

The hand sanitiser is available via www.taplinmageean.co.uk, and anyone interested in trade prices should call 01969 624607 or 07875 330316 or email contact@taplinmageean.co.u

Local people or businesses can pick up the sanitiser from The Distillery, Leyburn Station, Harmby Road, Leyburn, DL8 5ET.