Leyburn distillery makes alcohol hand rub for NHS workers

Chris Taplin makes the alcohol hand sanitiser.

A distillery has produced bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser which it is giving away free to local NHS staff and other key workers.

Taplin & Mageean are producing the 80 per cent hand rub from their distillery in Leyburn to help in the fight against Covid-19.

It is being given away free to local NHS workers, GP surgeries, care staff and other key workers in the Wensleydale and Swaledale area.

Joint founder Chris Taplin said: “We know there is a real issue getting hold of effective hand sanitiser and as we have all the facilities and supply chain in place it was the right thing to wade in and offer help.

“We followed the World Health Organisation formula which ensures an 80 per cent alcohol content product.

“We had a great response after posting the details on our social media.”

The company gave away the first batches to local care workers and nurses on Wednesday.

They are also selling the sanitiser to non key workers from the distillery and via their website to help fund some of the free stock.

Chris added: “Anyone on the front line who is risking their own health deserves all the help in the world and we are happy to play our part.”

For enquiries please email contact@taplinmageean.co.uk or visit their Facebook page here. [kofi]