Leyburn firm to star in Supertruckers documentary

A Richmondshire transport firm will star in a documentary series which starts tonight.

The third series of Supertruckers, which is shown on Quest, will feature Leyburn-based Metcalfe Farms.

The programme follows the company’s drivers as they deliver whatever awkward, colossal and abnormal shipment their client has requested.

Though the company has grown substantially over the last ten years to become a large operation, each driver isn’t just a faceless cog in a large wheel with their own quirks and eccentricities, producers say.

They include:


Dean ‘Deano’ Simpson describes his passion for trucking “like a disease”.


Steve ‘Jobbo’ Jobling has immortalised his truck by creating a £4k remote-controlled replica.


Arran ‘Azza’ Small is obsessed with sweet treats whilst on the road, which sees his fellow drivers queuing at his cab door at truck stops.

Simon-960x-540Simon ‘Mr Clean’ Johnson, insists his truck and cab are spotless and won’t allow muddy boots inside, which provides a great source of amusement for his colleagues who try mess with his dirt-free karma.


And last but not least is Brian ‘Sharpie’ Sharp, the larger-than-life Geordie who has a love of the finer things in life including designer clothing and his prized BMW.

“Each driver thinks he is the best and there is no shortage of banter and rivalry,” the producers say.

“Managing the team is Brian Metcalfe, the gaffer who ensures that Metcalfe’s reputation of being able to handle last-minute deliveries is kept intact.”

Brian Metcalfe.
Brian Metcalfe.

The season follows the truckers as they shift a 60-tonne crane to Edinburgh with “only half an address, and that half’s not right”, massive girders for London Bridge in the dead of night, huge oil–processing machinery through quiet town of Montrose, a £1 million state-of-the-art airport fire engine, Challenger tanks for the British Army and trucks as-big-as-a-house from the Welsh mountains in readiness to be shipped to Africa, not to mention giant, cheese-making equipment.

Supertruckers premieres on Quest tonight at 9pm.

Quest can be found on Freeview Channel 37, YouView 37, Sky 144, and Virgin 172.

Watch the Supertruckers preview here: