Leyburn Police Station to be sold off after officers move into fire station

Commissioner Philip Allott (centre) with North Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Andrew Colbourne (left) and North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service District group manager Thomas Hirst (right).

Leyburn Police Station is to be sold off with the officers based at the station having moved into the nearby fire station.

Philip Allott, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said he had decided to base the police and fire and rescue service under one roof at the fire station.

Officers and staff from the police station on the High Street have already moved to the fire station.

The police station will now be put up for sale.

The commissioner’s office said they hoped for a capital receipt of around £250,000 from the sale, with an expected annual saving of around £12,000 per year from only having one building to maintain.

Officials say that by sharing facilities the savings can be reinvested in frontline services, while retaining local police teams in local communities.

They say it has already proved successfully in other towns in North Yorkshire, including Ripon, Thirsk and Selby.

Officials say the volunteer-led front counter is currently closed due to the pandemic, but will resume as soon as possible with times advertised locally.

Philip Allott, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said: “Technology means that our officers, PCSOs and staff do not require buildings in the same way as they once did.

“As commissioner for both North Yorkshire Police and Fire & Rescue I am able to ensure that where it makes sense that efficiencies in the operation of our buildings and services are implemented.

“By bringing together the police and fire and rescue service in Leyburn, we are achieving value for money for the taxpayer, maintaining access to our policing teams in the area and giving officers and staff from both services a fit-for-purpose place to base themselves.

“Selling Leyburn Police Station will reduce the amount we have to spend on upkeep of an underused property and will not result in any change to the current level of access for the residents of Leyburn to front desk services.

“The proceeds of the sale will be reinvested in refurbishing the fire station and boosting frontline, visible policing which I know is the priority of most people in and around Leyburn and across North Yorkshire.”

Cllr Richard Sanderson, mayor of Leyburn, said they were disappointed the police station was to close although they understood the financial constrains the organisations were under.

He added: “The police station is a very visible building within the town and helps with the underlying sense of security.

“As well as being disappointed with the building’s closure, we are disappointed with the lack of consultation over this issue.

“We asked to be kept in the loop although this hasn’t happened.”

Cllr Sanderson said pedestrian access to the fire station was an issue with members of the public walking through the exit to the car park to get to the building.


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  1. Another building to find a new use for. With the departure of Serendipity this is another property likely to fall into disrepair. Just hope the fire station doesn’t flood again!

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