Leyburn Town Council to take on running of library from April 3, councillors told

Thornborough Hall.

Unratified minutes from Leyburn Town Council’s March meeting.

Residents of Dale Grove are currently signing a petition to have Dale Grove declared a ‘No cold calling’ zone. A ‘No through road’ sign is required for Dale Grove to prevent vehicles trying to access the new houses to the south of Dale Grove.

Dog fouling continues to be a problem at the small playground on Wensleydale Avenue. Unfortunately RDC cannot supply any more dog waste bins since the collection round is now working to the maximum.

A new EE and H3G UK Ltd mast will be erected at the Auction Mart if planning permission is granted.

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Walker and Borman.

  1. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council’s Code of Conduct or Members’ Register of Interest – Cllr Sanderson declared an interest in Item 6(b).
  1. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 16th February 2017 were approved as a correct record.


The Clerk confirmed that the code for the defibrillator cabinet in the Market Place is correct and that the staff in the chemist’s shop also know the code if it is required in an emergency.

From 3rd April the library at Thornborough hall will be run by Leyburn Town Council in partnership with NYCC. Volunteers will run the library on its opening days: Monday 10.00 – 4.00, Tuesday 10.00 – 6.00, Friday 10.00 – 4.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 12.00. It will be closed for lunch every day from 12.30 – 1.30.

NYCC Highways had carried out tarmac repairs on the High Street. However, Councillors felt that the quality of the work was of a poor standard and there is still evidence of subsidence in the road.

NYCC does not have the funding to replace the verge marker posts on Richmond Road to prevent residents from parking on the grass verges. It was suggested that LTC could send letters to request that residents did not park on the verges.

The road that runs past the Sandpiper will be closed for three days from 24th April in order for Yorkshire Water to carry out repairs.

From 1st April RDC will no longer send paper copies of planning applications to the Town Council. Instead a link will be sent for all the documents for each application.


Cllr Pace had attended the Town Plan Steering Group Meeting. The draft survey should be ready by the end of March.

The ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter-picking event had gone well: 32 volunteers had helped and 80 bags of rubbish were collected. It was suggested that a similar event could be held again but with better publicity such as that produced for the ‘Bedale Big Spring Clean 2017’ event.

Cllr Sanderson thanked LTC for allowing the town squares to be used for the 1940s Weekend.



  1. Leyburn Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday, 3rd April at 7.30 p.m. in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall.

Decision/Comment Required

  1. The Dales Festival of Food and Drink – Councillors agreed to the request for a contribution of £500 towards the 2017 event but this will be paid from the Thornborough Hall account.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. Decision required regarding rent for RDC Community Desk in Library from 1st April 2017. No reply has been received yet from RDC so this will come to a future meeting.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. Update – As above.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. 17/00068/FULL Full planning permission for single storey extension to the rear at 3 Thornborough Crescent, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5DY

  1. 17/00100/FULL Full Planning permission for application of rough cast render to west facing walls and replacement of six wooden double glazed windows with UPVC double glazed windows at 10A Manor Court (North), Moor Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5DD

  1. 17/00112/LBC Listed Building Consent for internal and external alterations to existing dwelling at Trevor House, Richmond Road.

Councillors had no objections to the above applications.

  1. RDC Conservation Officer: Review of Leyburn & Quarry Hills Conservation Area Appraisal – Certain aspects of the previous rules need to be reviewed e.g. the use of uPVC window frames. It was agreed that the Town Council could form a sub-committee to meet with the Conservation Officer to discuss possible changes.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. Councillors granted Amy Walker from Rotherham a permanent pitch on market to sell jams, chutneys and relishes.

  1. Councillors agreed that Kath Earl from Appleby could attend the market to sell home-made bakery products, pies and cakes. The existing trader does not sell home-made products.


Decision/Comment Required

  1. Councillors approved the accounts as attached.


The double yellow lines on Town Council land in Grove Square require repainting.

There was concern about the fire hazard caused by the storage of furniture in the alleyway at the antique shop.

The market shelter needs to be redecorated. It was agreed that the shelter should be locked by 6pm each evening to prevent its misuse in the evenings.

Two of the large advertising signs near Hudspeths Carpets are looking tatty now.

The Clerk will supply pages for Councillors to update their copies of the Standing Orders.

The road junction markings at the trading estate require repainting again.

Cllr Sanderson wished the Deputy Clerk, Mary Wood, a very happy retirement and thanked her for her hard work for the Town Council during her 18 years of service.

  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, 18th April 2017 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7pm.