Leyburn venue launches fundraising campaign for dance studio mirrors

Leyburn Arts and Community Centre is fundraising to put up wall mirrors in its dance studio.

The studio was fitted with a sprung dance floor recently which was completed through fundraising and the centre aims to improve further by adding the full length wall mirrors for dancers.

Joan Danvers, who is in the Leyburn Arts and Community Centre Management Team and oversees fundraising, said: “Following the installation of a sprung dance floor, we aim to provide the dance school with large professional wall mounted mirrors to allow them to get even more benefit from our new dance studio.”

Adding these to the studio will allow the teachers to see the students when teaching and will help the students to see themselves and to master their dance moves.

The dance studio is used mainly by the Dales Dance School of Performing Arts and the adults of the sequence dancing group.

Mrs Danvers added: “We need these mirrors so that the dancers can get a feel for the space around them and so they can see if their hands and legs are in the correct position or if they’re in unison with the rest of the group.”

To donate to this campaign visit Mirrors For Our New Dance Studio – JustGiving