Lidl customers urged to get in touch over parking time limit

Lidl has urged customers to get in touch if they have problems with a proposed time limit on parking at their new Richmond store.

It emerged this week that the supermarket chain had applied for planning permission to install ANPR cameras in the store’s car park.

Motorists who stay longer than 90 minutes will face an enforcement notice demanding £90, reduced to £45 if paid withing 28 days.

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While some shoppers have commented on social media to say they support they proposal, others have been highly critical.

Several people said they have health problems which mean they may not be able to complete their shopping within 90 minutes.

But Lidl told Richmondshire Today it was happy to discuss specific issues with customers.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that an application has been submitted for a car park management system to be installed at our Richmond store.

“The system will help to ensure that Lidl customers take priority, by managing the availability of car parking spaces and helping to prevent misuse.

“Once in place, the system will allow for up to 90 minutes of parking.

“We also encourage any customers who have special requirements and may have difficulty with parking restrictions, to get in touch via our customer service hotline, so that the team can explore possible longer term solutions.”

This Lidl customer service number is 0800 977 7766.

A similar system to the one proposed by Lidl was in place when Co-op had the store.

The limit was initially set at two hours’ free parking although it later increased to three following complaints.

The cameras where then removed and parking wardens were used instead.

A number of motorists complained to the supermarket after being issued with fines for overstaying the limit.


  1. The car park is large enough to allow people to park as long as they like. There is very little long term parking in the town so it would have been nice for Lidl to be more accommodating. No way will the car park be ever full with Lidl only shoppers. If they want people to keep shopping there they need to drop the time limit

  2. 90 minutes is absolutely NOT enough time. I cannot believe you are going to limit shopping time. I often take that amount of time…browsing, perhaps meeting friends and shopping and I dread rushing around and being stressed by such a short time limit. Such a disappointment when. the store is so good and so appreciated . Also are you allowed to return within the time limit if you forget something? Really annoyed about this. It should be at least two hours. the co-op was three hours at one time. This was brilliant. Don’t penalise and rush people of Richmond who want to shop at Lidl and find they have to constantly look at their watches in case they incur a huge fine.

  3. It would be generous if Lidl would consider allowing 3hours parking and may help the hospital .I plan to talk to them about it,

  4. Lidl would be better served to understand the needs of the town as a whole, and react accordingly. We have a massive parking issue and it would endear the people of Richmond to the shop if they helped out. Three hours has worked before, with no problems, so why not the same again? Win win. I think the planning authorities have (yet again) overlooked the needs of the town by not securing this agreement as part of the deal.

    • I totally agree 3 hours would help the town and get Lidle good publicity. 90 minuites is a poor judgement. The position of the Richmond Lidle store is in a place where you park and shop if visiting Richmond. If you have such a short time it means you only have time to shop and in that case Caterick Garrison would then be my first choice as there are more stores there.

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