Litter bin “monstrosities” an unwelcome addition to Dales villages, say residents

A new bin in Castle Bolton.

Richmondshire District Council this week left a number of the bins at locations across the district.

However, residents say the work was done without consultation and the bins are both ugly and unnecessary.

Castle Bolton resident Stuart Raw was unimpressed with the bin installed near his home in Castle Bolton.

He said it had taken him nine months to get planning for a building, but it seemed the district council “could put steel monstrosities wherever they wanted “.

He added: “I can’t believe that Richmondshire District Council felt it appropriate to travel around the dale just dumping them off with no explanation or regard for the residents.”

Redmire resident Rachel Willis has submitted a complaint to the council about the new bin her village.

She said: “Everyone is appalled at the sudden appearance of this unsightly bin in the middle of our beautiful village.

“We have no litter problem and it is felt the bin will only encourage passers by to pull up and deposit rubbish they would otherwise have taken home.

“As we know from recent experiences in Leyburn, once bins are full, some people feel it is acceptable to just leave their rubbish by the bins.”

A new bin in Redmire.

Numerous residents have criticised the additions on social media with some even suggesting they should be removed and sold off for scrap, if the council doesn’t take them away.

The bins were installed by district council after the authority received some government funding for the work.

Colin Dales, corporate director for operations, said he was “surprised” by the adverse reaction.

He said the bins had been installed in areas which were popular with tourists and had a high-footfall, particularly in the summer months, to help people recycle.

“If there are specific issues then we are happy to talk them through with individual parish and town council representatives to see what can be done,” he added.


  1. I must say that they do look awful. Who in their right mind thought that they would blend in and were suitable for a Dales village. Someone needs to do a u-turn and admit their mistake. If they were installed in our village I would be appalled.

  2. Some may have been badly sited, but surely they will encourage people to recycle

  3. As a councillor at West Witton I feel that I must comment on our new Litter Tank. We only recently received our previous bin which we had asked repeatedly for and were very happy with. As a Village we don’t have a great issue with litter, however dog poo is an issue. Why do Council / National Park never consult us about issues which concern us? They just do whatever they want. We live here and want to be consulted otherwise there is no point in us being here trying to manage the Village for the people who live in it.
    The siting of the newest bin was done without any consultation and has put the litter/dog poo end next to a park seat which will stink in the summer. Its in the wrong place. I feel that it is rather overkill to force these bins on Villages who don’t really need them or haven’t asked for them and are totally out of place. Can we have our other bin back please and take that litter tank away its ugly and not required.

  4. Get over it you countryside snobs. It is the way forward, recycling. You lot probably don’t know what recycling is, having moved from a city to the countryside, recycling was the done thing for the last decade

  5. Ohhh fighting talk!! Fortunately most rural people I know don’t create masses of plastic rubbish like townies, all this extra recycling rubbish is brought in by unthinking tourists. It’s probably the same people who move from cities into rural areas that don’t appreciate gardens either and rip out trees and hedges in favour of block paving for their massive inappropriate monster trucks!

  6. These are totally out of keeping with the special serenity’s of Dales villages. Things should be done sympathetically and not clash. Perhaps in an isolated lay-by but other than that, admit your mistake and talk to the residents before acting on a MUTUALLY agreed resolution. I speak not as a local resident but as a chap who has to travel 3 hours to visit this very important area of the UK. Good luck

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