Little Alf and Hannah take part in charity hackathon

Hannah Russell with Little Alf.

The campaign aims to highlight the stark differences between the daily lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in the developing world and horses in the UK, looking at the welfare issues that affect both.

Hannah said: “Sadly, working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries often suffer in their day to day working lives because their owners don’t have access to the skills or resources to properly look after them.

“When me and Little Alf heard about the campaign we just had to get involved. As well as the main campaign, there’s also The #MyMiniHackathon campaign has been developed for mini ponies who can’t stretch their legs to 100 miles but can walk ten miles.

“The goal is to lead your mini pony ten miles in 100 days to raise £100 for the charity – I thought it would be perfect for us. And for an extra challenge we are going to be doing the 10 miles in ten days.”

Hannah said that £100 goes a long way for the charity it could pay for three portable water troughs or provide help for up to three brick kiln donkeys.

Hannah, 20, has written four children’s books about Alf, who also stars in his own on-line magazine.

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