Lloyds to close Catterick Garrison’s last remaining bank

Lloyds in Catterick Garrison. Photo: Google.

Catterick Garrison will be left without a bank when Lloyds closes later this year.

The company has written to customers this week announcing it will be shutting the branch on October 26.

A Lloyds Bank spokesperson: “Visits to our Catterick branch have fallen over recent years, as many customers now choose to bank in different ways.

“When the branch closes in October, customers can continue to bank with us at the Post Office on Hildyard Road and can access cash at a number of free ATMs nearby.”

The company said 84 per cent of its personal customers were now using other ways of banking, such as over the phone or internet banking, as well as other branches.

It said branch transactions at the Catterick branch fell more than 67 per cent between 2017 and 2022.

“We’re contacting customers to let them know about the alternate local banking services available,” the spokesperson added.


  1. It’s sad that there’s never any public consultation about these things; it’s just presented as a fait accompli.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me one bit as staff always encouraged the customer to do online banking, I resisted for a number of years to do online banking but got persuaded and used to say that they are potentially putting themselves out of a job because the bank will eventually close due to lack of customers….sad to see it go.😔

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