Local charity makes life better for children with disabilities

Paul Curran.

A local charity is stepping up its mission of making life better for young people with disabilities and special needs in Richmondshire.

The Paul Curran Celebration Trust offers grants to children and young people up to the age of 30, who have any form of disability. It also issues grants for health needs, education and training.

The trust is named after a young Richmond man who died after suffering from a genetic disease called Friedreich’s ataxia.

The trust was formed by Paul’s parents Linda and Martin Curran.

Paul’s condition meant that during his life he became increasingly disabled.

Martin said: “We learned that living in a rural area meant that it was hard to access most of the services Paul needed.

“We want the trust to be able to make life easier for children and young people, with special needs and disabilities in the area of Richmondshire.”

Linda added: “No matter how much his disability made life difficult for him, Paul always ‘had a dream’ and was optimistic — this was our inspiration to set up the trust.

“We had a brilliant fundraising year with a charity shop in Richmond last year thanks to owner Peter Thompson.

“This has enabled us to set up a new website and we hope that this will lead to the trust being able to help more children and young people with special needs.”

The charity still has a large number of books and pieces of art in storage with Dowse of Richmond and at Trinity Church, Richmond.

It is hoping to resume its Sunday summer stall outside the Trinity Church in Richmond Market Place soon.

The trust is also looking for a location for a pop-up shop in Richmondshire.

If you can help, or would like to apply for a grant, visit www.paulcurrancelebrationtrust.org.uk