Local councillors object to plans for 15 holiday lodges near Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls Hotel. Photo: Karl and Ali/Geograph.org.uk

Parish councillors have “strongly objected” to plans for 15 holiday lodges near Aysgarth Falls.

A planning application has been submitted to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for the lodges behind the Aysgarth Falls Hotel on a field currently used for a camping.

An extension to the rear of the hotel is also proposed, which would include a larger kitchen, a bar and space for an additional 30 covers.

A new woodland walk to the River Ure and a viewing platform overlooking the upper falls is included in the plans.

The application says care has been taken to “design the project with sensitivity to the surrounding area” and that they have “made every effort to minimise any potential negative impacts”.

Applicant Cameron Brook, from the Brook Group, added: “The scheme aims to secure the future of the hotel and safeguard existing jobs at the venue.

“The seasonally resilient lodges will aim to capitalise upon growing trends within the tourism sector, particularly the move towards experience and wellness driven tourism.

“The proposed lodges will extend the businesses offering into the offseason, enhancing the viability of the business which is often constrained by its reliance upon the short summer season.

“Together, the enhanced accommodation offering, and restaurant extension will increase trade with existing local suppliers whilst growing this network to include other local businesses.”

The applicants says the development would create 17 jobs.


However, Aysgarth and District Parish Council says it “strongly objects” to the application.

It said: “It is an expansion which is totally out of keeping with the area and will permanently change its nature.

“We feel this development does not add anything the area needs, but it does take away facilities that the area cannot afford to lose and will permanently damage the local economy and landscape.

“It is commercialisation on a grand scale better suited to larger urban areas such as Leyburn where there is already a large hotel development under consideration.

“We believe that in planning terms this development is not in the public interest, particularly locally, because of its damaging impact on the local economy, and thereby the local community as a whole, and for its lasting detrimental effect on the environment, the landscape character, and recreational opportunities.”

Councillors claim the development will create light pollution over the nearby falls, which are a site of special scientific interest.

They are also unhappy that the site will mean the loss of touring and tent pitches, following the change to lodges of the nearby site previously known as Westholme Caravan Park.

Other concerns included the impact on the sewage system and the impact of the closure of the camping site on the village garage and shop.

For more information on the application, click here.


  1. Gawd the last thing Aysgarth needs is MORE lodges. However, it would be great if we had a functioning pub and restaurant again which could properly cater for tourists, holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts, plus locals. The Brook Group needs to invest in their staff and some decent staff accommodation rather than lodges. Then they would be able to open for lunch on Monday and Tuesday during spring and summer and fill the restaurant and bar in the evenings. However, I’m not sure the Brook Group is interested in running a decent hospitality business, it looks like they’re trying to create a piece of real estate they can flip. What a shame.

  2. Every local knows that holiday cottages spells the beginning of the end for local communities. And in the long run it will not be beneficial to the local economy, mainly because tourists don’t like to visit areas with empty houses. For example look at Langthwaite people still arrive there for the pub, but if that were to close no one would visit that village. LOCAL HOUSES FOR LOCAL PEOPLE.

  3. They need to get the pub sorted first; since this group has owned it it’s slid way down our charts. I wish it would improve, and entice us to walk there from Carperby every now and then.

  4. God forbid another faceless corporate entity get their way with this monstrosity. We in the Dales are fast becoming the custodians of an ever increasing “Theme Park.” Extra Jobs for young Dales Folk??? Where will they live. Priced out of renting property due in part to the increasing numbers of second homes and holiday cottages. Aysgarth is an area of Natural beauty. Let us not exploit such an important part of Wensleydale in favour of “don’t give a toss commerciallity.”

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