Local photographer offers photos of original Richmond to Greggs — in return for slice of pizza

Greggs in Richmond. Photo: Google.

A local photographer has offered to supply Greggs with photos of the original Richmond after the company put up images of Richmond-upon-Thames in its refurbished store.

The bakery company hit the headlines this week after it emerged the Richmond, Yorkshire, branch included photos of a bridge over the River Thames and a signpost to London landmarks Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens.

The photos appeared after the store underwent a recent refit.

The black and white photos have now been removed — but not before being spotted by bemused customers including local photographer Mark Denton.

Mark said he would gladly provide some photos of the original Richmond in return for a slice of Greggs pepperoni pizza.

Mark, who previously had a gallery in Richmond Market Place but now specialises in greetings cards, said: “I have very high resolution photos, while my work has been used for wall murals many times, including for the NHS.

“At the last count I have approaching a billion photos of Richmond to choose from, although I also have loads of photos of Richmond Park in London for a book I did on the capital, if they still prefer those!”

Mark added: “I’m happy to give them the photos for free although if they did want to pay me I’d accept one piece of the pepperoni pizza, as I’m a fan.”


A photo of the original Richmond by local photographer Mark Denton.

Richmond in Yorkshire is said to be the original Richmond with the name dating back to the 11th century when the area was given to French noble Alain le Roux by William the Conqueror following the Battle of Hastings.

There are thought to be more than 90 others around the world.

Richmondshire Today has approached Greggs for comment.

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