Lockdown inspires new paintings – and a warning – from Dales artist

Judith Bromley on Ellerkin Crags

By Betsy Everett

New oil paintings by Dales artist Judith Bromley of Askrigg which go on show in The Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn, next week, capture the beauty of the landscape she calls home, and sound a warning note for the planet.

Of the two dozen works created mainly during lockdown which, she says, made her “more contemplative,” only two are snow scenes.

“Having lived, walked and worked in the Dales for over 40 years I know and understand this landscape intimately. I’ve become a weather watcher, and one of the changes I’ve noticed most is that we are getting less winter snow and ice, and when the snow does come it melts more quickly. So there is less chance to paint those scenes.

“Thanks to the work of people like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg we are recognising that extremes of weather are becoming more and more challenging and it is something I am witnessing firsthand.”

Although used to being alone with the sky, the landscape and a canvas Judith had in recent years enjoyed walking and talking with groups of friends.

“The pandemic has put paid to that, but in these days of masks and social distancing, together with my deafness and supposed vulnerability because of age, this year I found myself pushed to be a loner again,” she says. The exhibition is the result.

The catalogue can be seen at http://askrigg-studios.co.uk/catalogue.pdf

  • Sun and Shadows: Silver Linings. New oil paintings by Judith Bromley, Wednesday, October 20 to Sunday, November 1, at Tennants Garden Rooms, Leyburn, DL8 5SG


  1. I love Judith Bromley’s work. I have a print of November Floods, although I couldn’t afford an original. Really looking to seeing her new work !

  2. I don’t wish to sound overly pedantic, but its not surprising that there are only one or two snowy scenes in a series of paintings which have been mainly done in lockdown … which didn’t start until late March, and when we haven’t reached late autumn yet, let alone winter.

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