Low carbon transport scheme proposed for Wensleydale

A proposal for a low carbon transport scheme in Wensleydale is being drawn up.

The area from Leyburn to Hawes has been identified as an area for research into low carbon transport options.

The possible options include shared and privately owned e-scooters and e-bikes, privately owned electric cars, electric car clubs, and demand responsive transport.

The scheme is being proposed by Cenex, a not-for-profit low carbon transport consultancy, which is working with North Yorkshire County Council, Richmondshire and Scarborough borough councils on the project called E-Motion.

A spokesperson said: “E-motion is supported by the UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF) and the project aims to work with local people and communities to explore the opportunities for local e-transport hub-based schemes.

“The solutions proposed should meet the need of those in rural and coastal communities who want to make affordable low carbon transport choices.”

As part of this work, Cenex will be holding some online events and in person workshops.

The aim of the workshops is to get the public’s input into possible locations and implementation of sustainable transport in the area.

The first online event is on Monday, April 4 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Click here to register for the meeting.


  1. Wouldn’t they be better looking at Leyburn to Catterick with more traffic and many one person car journeys! The area they propose Leyburn to Hawes would be better served with well connected e-buses to serve tourists and locals alike. We don’t need to spend tax payers money on Consultants. The Dale’s have had to do without buses for over 30 years until more recently. So people have had to use cars to get to work, medical reasons and for essential shopping. Where on earth would e-scooters fit in! E trucks and vans the biggest users of Dale’s roads would be better to cut carbon and damaging road surfaces.

  2. Less research, less workshopping, less consultancy, less blethering, just >do< it! Electric transport doesn't need to prove itself any more. Just build the charging points and stop protecting the oil companies. In Norway, nearly 85% of new car sales in January were battery electrics. Think about it: nearly 85%! The change is irreversible, but North Yorkshire is one of the worst-provided parts of England in terms of infrastructure. Stop wittering, just get on with it!

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