Main pool reopens but learner pool remains shut at Richmond facility

Richmond Swimming Pool.

The main pool has reopened at Richmond Swimming Pool after problems heating the water to the required temperature.

However, the learner pool remains closed with engineers working to rectify the problem.

The building reopened on January 9 after major improvement works which have seen a new roof and heating system installed.

But problems with the new system mean the boiler has failed to heat the water in the pools to the required temperature.

Both pools were closed week while work took place, but the main pool has since reopened.

Staff say the learner pool would reopen as soon as possible.

Children’s swimming lessons have been cancelled this week but are due to resume next week.

The pool is owned by Richmondshire District Council and managed by Richmondshire Leisure Trust.

A spokesman for the council said: “We did experience problems with getting the water and air temperatures up to a comfortable level shortly after the swimming pool re-opened on January 9.

“Our engineers have been working hard to rectify the problem which relates to the gas boilers in the main plant room.

“We will do our very best to get the temperatures back up to normal as soon as possible and wish to apologise to pool users for any inconvenience.”

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  1. I thought when the RDC spent all that amount of our money on SOLAR PANELS etc it was going to heat this building and swimming pool.

    Looks like that’s not the case.

    They are having to go back to the good old GAS BOILER to get some warm.

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