Man arrested in connection with rural crime spate

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A man has been arrested following a spate of rural crime in the north of the district.

The arrest came after a suspicious vehicle was spotted in the area near the border with Darlington and County Durham.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said: “I am overjoyed to inform you that as a direct result of a report made to us today in relation to a suspicious vehicle containing a male who is well known from outside our area, we quickly attended near the border with Darlington where our crime increases have occurred in the main.

“The male initially got away, but we work very closely with our border forces and he was quickly apprehended, plus then arrested on suspicion of some offences.

“I cannot go into further details at this time, but this is absolutely brilliant.

“This is what it is all about, it really is and if I am correct in thinking he is our main suspect for the increase in recent crime, hopefully we will see no crime overnight tonight.”

Insp Metcalfe added: “Please keep this up and let us know if you see something that is just not right in the more rural areas as we really do want to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

“This way of working is producing great results already.”

Earlier this week, local police had reported  an increase in crime across the top of Richmondshire in the rural parts in particular.

Insp Metcalfe said the offenders were targeting quad bikes and trailers mainly overnight.

He added: “Please be reassured that we do have patrols out 24 hours, but we also cover a very large area, so do rely on information from you to alert us to any suspicious activity.

“I personally really do not mind if you contact us and it ends up being a false alarm as if we get an early alert from someone in relation to suspicious activity, I believe it is highly likely any suspects or offenders will be able to get away.

“We also have plans in place to apprehend the offenders, but really do rely on reports of suspicious activity to give us a bit of a head start on them.”

The officer said crime was still very low in the area with four crimes reported in the last week.