Man jailed for “sickening” knife attack on ex-soldier in Colburn

Patrick Reed.

A man has been jailed for three years for a “sickening” attack which left an ex-soldier in a critical condition after suffering at least six separate stab wounds and a collapsed lung.

Patrick Reed, 37, stabbed Nathan McShane repeatedly during the incident described by a judge as “like a scene from the Wild West”.

Mr McShane had gone to the home Reed shared with his partner Danielle Henley in Sutton Avenue, Colburn, after troubled flared at a house party that same night.

Mr McShane knocked on the couple’s door and moments later, Henley, 39, came rushing out and punched him, said prosecutor Chris Dunn.

Mr McShane then started tussling with Reed, during which Reed repeatedly thrust the kitchen knife into the former squaddie.

As the two men grappled on the ground, Henley ran into her garden and picked up a stool with which she hit Mr McShane over the head repeatedly.

Neighbours were drawn out of their homes by piercing cries and shouting and one witness captured the horrifying scenes on a mobile phone.

Reed was initially charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm but denied the allegation.

He ultimately admitted wounding without intent and making threats with a knife, which he had grabbed from the kitchen. Henley pleaded guilty to affray on the day of trial.

The prosecution accepted these pleas and dropped the initial, more serious charges.

Reed appeared for sentence via video link on Tuesday. His partner appeared in the dock.

Mr Dunn said the incident occurred at about 1am on June 10, when Henley came rushing out of the house in her dressing gown. She was followed out by Reed as Mr McShane backed away into the street.

“He (sensed) trouble was on the way and the first blow thrown was by Henley who threw a punch,” said Mr Dunn.

“Mr McShane backs off and starts to fight with (Reed). It’s at that point that Reed starts to stab at Mr McShane with a knife. They go to the floor and Henley gets a stool from her garden and starts to hit Mr McShane over the head on a number of occasions to get him off Reed.”

Neighbours called police, whereupon Reed and Henley went back inside as Mr McShane walked to a friend’s house. When he arrived at his friend’s, he was bleeding from stab wounds.

An ambulance was called and Mr McShane was taken to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough where a trauma team gave him emergency treatment.

As well as the six wounds to his chest, Mr McShane suffered a collapsed and bruised lung, “significant” emphysema, bruising to his body and what was possibly a bite mark on his chest. There were also wounds to his hand and thigh, a cut to the back of his head and kidney and diaphragm injuries.

He had to be intubated and ventilated due to his high agitation and surgeons drained his chest before he was taken into critical care for surgical and neurological treatment, including an operation to repair a torn diaphragm.

Reed, who also suffered injuries in the horrifying clash, refused to answer police questions following his arrest. Henley said she was in bed when Reed came home “very angry with Mr McShane” because of a purported incident at a house party.

She said she “could not calm (Reed) down and told officers that he was “making phone calls saying he was going to stab Mr McShane”, who turned up outside their home moments later.

Mr McShane, a father-of-two, said he had been struggling to put his life back together after suffering from post-traumatic stress following his army days. He had been getting help from professional crisis teams, but since the attack his life had “spiralled out of control” to the point where he felt suicidal and he still suffered from acute physical pain and bore scars.

Reed had previous convictions for serious violence and threatening behaviour. Henley had cautions for battery and common assault.

Michelle Turner, for Reed, said her client had already spent six months on remand but conceded that it was “extremely fortunate we are not looking at a fatality”.

Thomas Mitchell, for Henley, said that despite making the first move, the mother-of-three was “the better of the two defendants” during the incident and had maternal responsibilities.

Judge Sean Morris described the incident as “like a scene from the Wild West, a violent and sickening sight that (neighbours) had to witness”.

Jailing Reed for three years, he told the defendant he had armed himself with a “murderous weapon and you are lucky that nothing worse happened”.

He said Henley had also acted in a “disgraceful fashion” but that it was “out of character”. She was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

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