Mayoral candidate offers free parking to every town in North Yorkshire

Keane Duncan.

Free car parking will be offered to every town in North Yorkshire, a candidate bidding to be the region’s first mayor has said if he wins.

Tory candidate Keane Duncan said he would fund up to two hours free parking in a “much-needed boost for retail and hospitality” under a one-year pilot.

Using new mayoral funding, free parking would be introduced in designated council-owned car parks in locations without it currently, such as York, Scarborough, Skipton, Harrogate, Pickering and Selby.

Meanwhile, free parking would be expanded by up to two hours where some free parking is already available, such as Richmond, Leyburn, Northallerton, Thirsk and Knaresborough.

The candidate said proposals would be tailored to the individual needs of each town and city, with support from traders required.

Mr Duncan said: “The future of our town and city centres depends on the success of our local businesses, but it’s tough right now.

“So to give a much-needed boost to retail and hospitality, I will offer funding for free car parking in every town and city.

“Of course, every location works differently, so I’ll work with local businesses to agree a tailored offer for each area, with up to two hours free.

“This would be targeted to get maximum business benefit, for example in particular car parks, or at certain times of day when footfall is lowest.

“This is a major investment in the vitality of our town and city centres, and it will become a reality if I am elected mayor in May.”

Mr Duncan said he would work with North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council to introduce the one-year pilot and compensate them for lost car parking income.

Footfall would be monitored throughout, and the offer attuned as required, based on feedback from business owners.

Mr Duncan said: “I am confident the pilot will be a success for businesses in our towns and cities.

“If there is positive feedback from traders, and the councils can be convinced of the benefits, I hope funding can be agreed to expand the free car parking beyond the first year on a permanent basis.”

The total cost of the initiative, to be funded by new mayoral investment funding, would be determined based on the detail of each proposal.



  1. And whence comes this ‘mayoral funding’? From the magic money tree? Out of thin air? No, from us taxpayers!
    Any money available would be better spent on decent public transport. The occasional bus between Bedale & Richmond would be a start.

  2. Wow! What a great offer. I may not have any chance of a bus service to hospital, or any chance of additional support for mental health charities, but at least NYC have spare cash for this terrific idea.

  3. Beware of candidates making promises. Remember Boris at election time. I don’t hear much regarding public services from Duncan it’s all to do with Business. No mention of the travesty that NHS medical staff have to pay for parking. WHY do we not hear from other mayoral candidates on this site?

  4. A better use for any spare cash would be improved bus services in rural areas.

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