McDonalds and Costa drive-thru planned at new Catterick services

An artist's impression of the proposed new services at Catterick.

More details of the proposed motorway service area (MSA) planned for Catterick have been disclosed.

After a consultation event at Catterick Village earlier this month, Roadchef is now preparing a planning application to build the services on land east of junction 52 near Catterick Racecourse and Catterick Village.

The company says this will be a £57 million initial investment which they say will contribute over £1 million per year to Richmondshire in business rates.

It adds that the development will create more than 300 permanent jobs, as well as numerous jobs during the construction phase.

The proposed shops include McDonalds, Costa with a drive-thru facility, WH Smith, Days Inn and health food shop, LEON. There would also be a farm shop selling locally made produce.

Roadchef bosses say the MSA is needed because there is currently more than 60 miles between existing MSAs at Durham to the north and Wetherby to the south.

Highways England recommends that the maximum distance between motorway service areas should be no more than 28 miles, while the distance between services can be shorter.

Although there are services at Scotch Corner and Leeming, these are classed as ‘rest areas’, rather than motorway service areas.

The plans have been welcomed by central Richmondshire county councillor Helen Grant.

She said: “I’ve looked at all the documents and paperwork and I think this would be an asset.

“It’s going to be a MSA (motorway service station) as opposed to a just a stop off and I’m very much in favour of it.”

But Catterick Bridge county councillor Carl Les is less enthusiastic about the scheme.

“My concern about the MSA located at that junction is that it would overload the junction with traffic that it wasn’t designed to take.

“It’s the main junction on the road into the Garrison and already handles a lot of traffic. Roadchef must be expecting it to be busy or they wouldn’t be proposing a MSA at that location.”

Cllr Les owned and ran Leeming services for many years before selling the site to service station company Moto in 2014.

He added: “As someone who has lived and worked by the A1 for many years I would say it’s not correct to say that there’s a 60-mile gap without any services.

“There are two truck stops within six miles each way and there are two rest areas.

“Both rest areas at Scotch Corner and Leeming provide all the facilities necessary for a MSA.”

Cllr Les added that any job created at the new services would mean a job lost at the existing services in the area.

Simon Turl, executive chairman at Roadchef, said: “Our vision is to make Britain’s roads a safer and happier place, and Catterick presents a fantastic opportunity to create a new MSA in the 60 mile gap between the nearest facilities.

“We want to ensure people living and working close to our sites are considered in any decisions we make, so we’d like to invite the residents of Catterick along to our public consultation to ensure their views are included as part of our plans.”

For more details on the scheme click here.



  1. This service area is just not needed in the Catterick area. There already is one at Leeming Bar 8 miles one way and one at Scotch Corner 7 miles the other way. Why bring nothing but more pollution to a lovely village…one that also has a garage serving petrol!

  2. Big business getting away with pedantics again, The ‘rest areas’ supply everything the MSAs will. I can’t see the new developers at Scotch Corner being too happy.

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