Meeting to hear of opposition to new Catterick motorway service area

An artist's impression of the new services at Catterick.

Residents, environmentalists and the country’s largest motorway service area operator have questioned the need for a £57m motorway service area (MSA) the size of 110 Olympic sized swimming pools within miles of a number of similar facilities.

Roadchef’s plan to build across farm fields and a designated nature conservation site at the Catterick junction of the A1(M) has been recommended for approval by Richmondshire District Council planning officers, after more than three years of talks with the firm which claims the MSA will create 227 full-time jobs.

While the authority, which is set to decide upon the proposal on Wednesday, forecasts collecting £1.6m in business rates this year the company has stated the development alone would contribute an extra £1million annually in business rates to be spent on the district.

Key features of the expansive development would include 8,912sq metres of restaurant and cafe floorspace – a larger area than the Tesco superstore at nearby Catterick Garrison – a 100-bedroom hotel, two drive-thru cafes, a fuel filling station, HGV overnight parking and electric vehicle charging facilities.

The proposed 24-hour two-storey amenity building would include a 230sq metre farm store, a WH Smiths shop, restaurants, customer lounges and seating areas, tourist information facilities and a gaming room.

Roadchef’s blueprints indicate the building would have a planted green roof and a large external terrace cantilevered over a lake, while a concrete monolith structure would be created in another lake.

Following concerns being raised by Natural England and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust over the development’s impact on the site, which includes the designated Pallet Hill Site of Importance Nature Conservation, the nearby Swale Lakes Site of Special Scientific Interest and birds ranging from oystercatchers to lapwings, Roadchef has agreed to give the council £870,000 to create habitats elsewhere.

However, it is Roadchef’s promotion of the development as the only MSA which would meet the government’s exacting criteria in the 60 miles between Wetherby and Durham which appears to have drawn most controversy.

Rival operator Moto, which runs A1(M) Motorway Rest Areas at Scotch Corner less than five miles to the north and at Leeming Bar, about six miles to the south, as well as a truck stop at Barton, has objected to Roadchef’s plan, highlighting that two of its northern North Yorkshire sites already have planning permission for redevelopment as MSAs.

In addition, objectors have pointed to the range of services available at Exelby-Coneygarth services, off the A1(M) just five miles south of the Catterick junction and the Secretary of State having approved another MSA north of Boroughbridge earlier this year.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England is among many to have questioned the need for the Catterick MSA.

In a letter of objection, Catterick Village resident Jane Towler urged Wednesday’s planning meeting to reject the scheme “as there are already four service areas for cars and goods vehicles within approximately six miles north”.

She said: “The areas at Leeming, Middleton Tyas and Barton are quite sufficient and the excuse that hundreds of jobs will be created is rubbish as I understand that the companies there now cannot fill their current vacancies.

“All of the proposed amenities are available within the surrounding villages and towns, so will not provide any additional benefit for the local communities.”


  1. This development is pointless considering there are already facilities nearby on the A1 at Scotch Corner (including the new shopping outlet) an at Leeming.

    • I strongly disagree with these comments. Leeming, Scotch Corner and Barton are not classed as Msa’s but rest areas. Scotch Corner reaches capacity on a regular basis as well as parking and access difficulties. Any potential for people travelling is positive as both rest and breaks are important.The travelling public are not likely to leave their planned route for a quick stop off for fear of parking and limited facilities. Employment in the area can only be good.

      • Did you read this bit?

        Rival operator Moto, which runs A1(M) Motorway Rest Areas at Scotch Corner less than five miles to the north and at Leeming Bar, about six miles to the south, as well as a truck stop at Barton, has objected to Roadchef’s plan, highlighting that two of its northern North Yorkshire sites already have planning permission for redevelopment as MSAs.

  2. As usual North Yorkshire County Council is only thinking about the money they can make from this. No consideration has gone into the surrounding services and businesses which are available now without building more.

    This new development will be a blot on the landscape and damage to the environment. As usual true to form NYCC planning never listens to the public of NY they have the attitude we hold the keys to the kingdom so we do what we want.

  3. There is no possible justification for this scale of development at BOTH the Scotch Corner and Catterick junctions of the A1. One or the other is more than enough to provide the necessary facilities.

  4. Yet again a local landowner, councillors and a fawning planning department, inflict upon us this creeping conurbation that is turning a rural village and its surroundings, into an appendage of service stations built for profit, aggrandisement and more money in the shire coffers…to spend somewhere else, i.e. some bourgeois little village for the beige trousered.

    This is an affront to the villagers and residents of the area and highlights the callous avariciousness of the so called local worthies. I have contacted Rishi Sunak on this, but his hands are tied due to the hegemony these local grandees hold over the area.

    This is a disgusting abuse of power by these entities, as was the farce over the housing development at Chapman’s court, the meeting of which included the winking of one former councillor to another, in the knowledge that they had already done the deal before the vote. This blatant cronyism has to stop.

    Why not build this proposed development at Burton Constable or similar? Fat chance, as the anointed there would quickly ensure the council fobbed it off to where us lesser mortals live. This is an affront to our quiet enjoyment of life, a severe blow to wildlife in the area and an offer of pointless ‘going nowhere’ menial jobs that no one will want. There is absolutely no need for this ugly leviathan, as the area is already over supplied with existing service facilities that may paradoxically go out of business because of this eyesore, as well as the wanton destruction of rural fields that this involves.

    Thanks for nothing planning department at Richmond and it’s worthless and laissez faire councillors!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Increased noise, increased light pollution the list is long. T

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