Melsonby pupils perform concert for parents and teachers

Pupils at Melsonby Methodist Primary School performed for parents, teachers and friends at a concert earlier this month.

The children performed, among other things, the musical cantata Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo by Michael Flanders and Joseph Horovitz.

Headteacher Trevor Watson said: “Words fail me in describing the absolute quality of the school summer concert.

“In my opinion, and I’m sure that of others, it was one of the best concerts the school has ever performed.”

The range of music making in the school was represented at the concert, with a large string group performing five pieces, some solo items by individual pupils, as well as the cantata itself, in which every single child in the school was a singer.

Local musician Chris Denton has been visiting the school once a week to deliver singing sessions to the whole school.

He said: “The sessions are about fun and teamwork as well as singing technique and the children have responded quickly and well to everything I have thrown at them.

“Teamwork and caring for others are such an integral part of the school’s ethos that it was natural for the pupils to be working towards the same musical goal, despite the large age range of the group – older ones helping their younger friends.”

Chris is also music director at St Mary’s Church, Richmond and has increased the number of children singing in their choir.

He said: “Singing has such positive effects on children’s well-being, breathing and posture as well as other spin-offs in terms of academic ability.”