Memorial service planned at Camp Centre roundabout for Dunkirk veteran

Dunkirk veteran, David Evans, attends the unveiling of a monument in Catterick Garrison in 2018. Photo: British Army.

A short memorial service will be held in Catterick Garrison next week to mark the death of a Dunkirk veteran.

David Evans, from Leyburn, died last week aged 102.

In 2018, Mr Evans was the guest of honour at the unveiling of a memorial to mark the end of the First World War, Armistice Day, and commemorate the fallen at Camp Centre roundabout in Catterick Garrison.

He said at the time: “I am so honoured and humbled to be unveiling this centrepiece to mark the fallen.

“It is a powerful piece of work that will remind generation after generation of the sacrifices that have been made over the years.”

Headquarters Catterick Garrison has become aware of his recent passing and wish to pay their respect with family friends Graham Prince laying a wreath at the camp centre roundabout, accompanied by a piper, on Monday, August 2, at 12.30pm.

Mr Evans’ family will also attend on the way back from a private funeral service at Darlington Crematorium.

Local veterans members of the Royal British legion have been invited to attend the ceremony at the roundabout.