Men’s mental health support group launches in Richmond

Richmond Swimming Pool.

A new support group for men’s mental health has been launched in Richmond.

The group, called Tea & Talk, aims to provide a safe and confidential space for men to share their experiences and challenges, as well as to access information and resources on mental health and wellbeing.

Tea & Talk is run by a team of trained volunteers, who have personal or professional experience of mental health issues.

The group meets every week on Tuesdays, from 6pm to 8pm, at The Nutrition Hut Café located inside Richmond Swimming Pool.

The sessions are free and open to any man over the age of 18, regardless of their background, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion.

The group’s founder, David Routledge, said: “I started Tea & Talk because I know how hard it can be for men to talk about their feelings and seek help.

“here is still a lot of stigma and pressure around men’s mental health, and many men suffer in silence or isolate themselves.

“I wanted to create a place where men can feel comfortable and supported, and where they can learn from each other and grow together.”

He added: “Tea & Talk” is not a therapy or counselling service, but a peer support group. We don’t offer advice or solutions, but we listen and empathise.

“We also provide information and signposting to other services and organisations that can help. Our goal is to help men improve their mental health and wellbeing, and to reduce the risk of suicide and self-harm.

“We recognise the need for more support for men’s mental health, especially in rural areas where access can be limited. We hope that Tea & Talk will encourage more men to reach out and get the help they need.”

Anyone interested in joining Tea & Talk can contact David Routledge on 07488 392 506 or email