Message of hope from Colburn Primary School pupils

Artwork produced by pupils at Colburn Primary School.

Pupils at Colburn Community Primary School decided that they wanted to cheer up their community by painting a rainbow and filling it with messages that people could see as they passed the school gates.

All the pupils involved in the activity are the children of key workers and are attending Colburn School every day while their parents and carers provide care and support for others.

Many of the children were already aware of how the rainbow has become a symbol of hope for countries suffering with coronavirus.

Italy was the first country to use the rainbow and the USA, Canada and Spain have all adopted this significant emblem which represents better things to come after hard times.

Year 6 pupil Finlay said: “We made the poster to remind people to stay inside and stay safe.”

William, year 5, said: “The poster is to raise awareness and to help the community feel safe.”

Five-year-old Daisy added: “It is to say thank you to the people for killing the bad bugs.”

Headteacher Jane Knowlson said: “I am very proud of the children and staff at Colburn Community Primary School for creating a rainbow banner for our school gates to cheer up the local community and send out a message of hope during this very worrying time.

“Rainbows serve to remind us all that there is hope and light to follow, even after dark times.” [kofi]