Middleham councillors raise concerns over lack of strategic plan for Tupgill Park expansion

The Forbidden Corner. Photo: Paul Brooker.

Middleham Town Council is still concerned that there is no strategic plan for developing Tupgill Park, including Forbidden Corner, in Coverdale.

It had no objection to the latest planning application to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) to demolish a cottage at Tupgill Park and erect four holiday units, but pointed out at its latest meeting that it was difficult to gauge what the overall impact would be if a strategic plan was not available. The council was especially concerned about the increase of traffic on local roads.

The council did not feel that a letter from the YDNPA fully answered its query as to whether there was a strategic plan for the ongoing developments at Tupgill Park and the clerk was asked to seek clarification.

Hill House. – It was noted that the plans for the development of Hill House by Racing Welfare and the Jessica Bethell Foundation would be revised following the appointment of a different architect.

It was reported that whilst purchase costs appeared to be covered, funding of approximately £2 million was required for converting and fitting out the building.

Key Centre. – Mike Sweeting, chair of the Key Centre Trustees, summarised the business review report. He said that the focus had been on four distinct areas at the Key Centre: occupancy of the building; marketing; volunteer management; and communication.

The consensus of the Key Centre Trustees and the Council was that this had been a very useful exercise and supportive of the work carried out by the trustees. It was agreed that it should be repeated every five years.

Thanks were expressed to all who had taken part in the review:  past and present trustees; councillors and volunteers. It was agreed that a fourth trustee should be recruited.

Burial ground. – The clerk reported that he had approached Richmondshire District Council (RDC)  to enquire about extending the area of the open space to enlarge the capacity of the new burial ground so that it had sufficient capacity for at least 100 years at the current rate of usage. This would require an amendment to the transfer document. A reply was awaited.

The clerk suggested that a committee be formed to oversee his work on the next phase of development.  After discussing this it was agreed that all the councillors would continue to be involved in the project although on certain matters the clerk should liaise more closely with Cllr Simon Wheeler.

Spring clean. – The mayor reported that the spring cleaning day in the town had been successful and would, therefore, be repeated in future years. The RDC had donated to the council the litter picking equipment it had initially loaned.

Safer roads. – Cllr Honor Byford reported that the Royal Veterinary College had undertaken some initial work for the town’s Safer Roads project.

She said that the project appeared to be progressing and racehorse trainers were making suggestions. She had met with County Cllr Karen Sedgwick and the highways department and reviewed the potential for using local rights of way as alternative routes.

The Busks. – The clerk reported that the council’s insurers had approved the placement  of large stones in selected areas to prevent ongoing parking on the Busks, subject to a risk assessment that these would not be a trip hazard.

It was noted with appreciation that a householder had placed tapes and a large stone to prevent vehicles accessing and damaging The Busks near their home.

Clearance work. – The clerk will obtain a quotation from the grounds contractor to cut back the ivy on the ginnel from Park Lane to the churchyard that was encroaching on the footpath.

He will also arrange a meeting for councillors and the contractor to look at cutting back and tidying the road from the west end to the Low Moor.

Moors walk. – Having received full details including a risk assessment for the A Foot in Two Dales walk in Swaledale and Wensleydale on July 6 and 7 approval was given for the walkers to cross the Moors. Middleham Trainers’ Association had also given consent.

Unlike the previous year the event will not cross the High Moor and there will not be a checkpoint on the Moor.

Elections. – It was noted that six validly nominated candidates for the town council had been declared elected. The remaining vacancy should be filled by co-option by June 24.

Meetings. – The annual meeting of the council is at the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday May 15, and the annual town meeting will be held at the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday May 22.

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