Middleham fountain to remain a flower bed, councillors told

Middleham Market Place.

The Jubilee Fountain in Middleham will remain as a flower bed following a straw poll carried out by Middleham Town Council.

The final voting, which included a petition, amounted to 47 in favour of retaining it as a flower bed with six wanting it to be restored as a working fountain. Richmond Historic Buildings Preservation Trust has been informed.

Waste bins. – The council was advised by Richmondshire District Council (RDC) that a small recycling bin could not be placed on the street near Middleham School, nor was such an item available from it.

Cllr Simon Wheeler showed the council meeting on May  23 an image of a suitable bin which was located at Bedale. The image will be forwarded to the RDC with a strong request that such a bin be provided.

It was agreed that the council will purchase a single replacement dog waste bin for approximately £210. The council was disappointed that the moratorium on installing new bins was still in place whilst RDC undertook a review.

Leyburn Road. – The council reaffirmed that it wished to retain any part of the verge not specifically required for access to new houses in Leyburn Road and would instruct its solicitor accordingly.

Council objectives. – It was agreed that the council’s objectives for the next year should be the completion of the burial ground project, to improve the play facilities in the town including the skate park, and to seek agreement on the best way to provide affordable housing.

Following a request from a resident it was agreed that the draft minutes of its meetings could be made available on the website a week after they had been circulated amongst councillors.

Tour de Yorkshire. – A copy of an interim report was received from the local organiser, Richard Fletcher. The councillors felt the event had been a great success as it had involved a cross section of the local community.

Cllr Wheeler said he hoped to obtain a copy of the coverage missed out when a commercial break was introduced just as the race was approaching Middleham.  The land art at Middleham for the Tour de Yorkshire has been shortlisted in the “Line the Route” competition .

There had been complaints about excessive noise from the disco which may also have overrun the agreed time. Cllr Wheeler said he would monitor the disco being held on the Feast Day.

The councillors were disappointed to hear that some of the flower baskets placed by residents on East Witton Road had been removed.

Licence applications. – It was decided that it was no longer appropriate for the clerk to apply, in a personal capacity, for temporary event licences. In future applications should be made by an event’s nominated organiser who would be responsible for ensuring that the numbers attending did not exceed that applied for.

Planning. – Even though the plans for extensions to a house in St Alkelda’s Road had been amended the council still felt that there would be a negative impact upon a neighbour’s amenity. The council agreed to support the application if the plans were further scaled back.

Seniors’ Outing. – The council agreed to contribute £100 towards this year’s seniors’ outing and the chairman, Cllr Sue Fairhurst, said she hoped to raise a further £150 by holding a coffee morning.

Annual accounts. – At an additional meeting on June 7 the annual accounts for the year ended March 31 2018 were approved.

Forbidden Corner. – The clerk was asked to liaise with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority to ensure that it was notified about all applications from Forbidden Corner as these might impact upon traffic and the horse racing industry activity in and around Middleham.

It was agreed to object to the retrospective planning application concerning parking and ancillary works at Ashgill Cottage at Tupgill Park (Forbidden Corner).

The objection listed: insufficient detail, in particular failing to include a ground plan; an excessively large area of tarmac, in excess of that required for parking of the specified number of vehicles; a further instance of piecemeal development on a large site within the National Park with no coherent design strategy; that it was one of a number of retrospective applications; that a traffic impact assessment should be undertaken; and ongoing and unlawful vehicle access across a bridleway which was part of Middleham Low Moor.

Honesty  box. – At the meeting on May 23 of the town council as Trustee of Charity for the Benefit of Inhabitant Householders of Parish of Middleham it was agreed that a parking honesty box could be purchased for £190 plus VAT and attached to the lamp post in the main market place.

Cllr Wheeler will also carry out repairs to cobble stones subject to the cost being confirmed to the Trustees.

Street furniture. –  The areas being used by local businesses for street furniture in the town will be re-measured to ensure that none had been extended beyond that agreed with the council.

Canaan Lane. – Cllr Wheeler reported that R A Wheeler had used hard core to carry out temporary repairs on the junction of Canaan Lane with Castle Hill. The length of Canaan Lane beyond that will be fully repaired later.

Next meeting. – The town council will meet at the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday June 27.