Middleham Stables Open Day a success but dissatisfaction over beneficiaries, council hears

Racehorses in Middleham. Photo: Sobolevnrm/Flickr

The Stables Open Day at Easter was a success and well organised according to the general feedback reported at the last meeting of Middleham Town Council, but some improvements could be suggested for future  years.

The councillors were told that there was still some dissatisfaction amongst some residents and local groups that they had not been involved or benefited from the event to the same extent as previously.

The councillors also felt that consideration might be given to the organisers paying towards the cost of the clean-up afterwards.

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The next big event in Middleham will be the Richard III Festival from June 30 to July 2.

Cycle racks. – It was agreed that three cycle racks can be installed outside the Central Stores. Central Stores has undertaken to pay towards the cost of one stand and there will be contributions by the Fish Bar and the Hair Salon towards the other two.

Estimates from R A Wheeler were accepted for the repair of flag stones outside Hill House and Central Stores, and to strim vegetation and lay hardcore from the play area gate to the end of the play area fence. Councillor Simon Wheeler declared an interest as an employee of R A Wheeler.

Middleham Moor. – Councillor Sue Fairhurst said that she had not given consent for the installation of white posts on the Moors.

It was considered that the installation required the formal consent of the council but this had not been requested or given. The clerk was asked to contact Middleham Trainers’ Association about this.

Potholes. – Jim Rollinson told the council that some potholes in St Alkelda’s Road had recently been repaired with the excess material being used on a path adjacent to the play area as other holes in the road had not been marked for repair.

It was noted that the best way to report road defects was via the citizens’ portal on the North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) website.

The abandoned vehicles and tyres outside Middleham Motors had been reported to Richmondshire District Council.

Policing. – The council was informed that the PCSO team was now back to strength with the appointment of PCSO Lydia Ford. She is undertaking training and it is expected she will be in full service at the beginning of June.

Another incident had occurred on the Moor involving a dog but, the council was told, the Police had seemed disinterested when this was reported to them. The clerk was asked to make enquiries regarding the Police role in such matters.

The Springs. – Permission was granted for building materials to be transported across The Springs to the back of 45 Park Lane so long as the trips were kept to the minimum and, where possible, not when ground conditions were wet to avoid damage.

NYCC Highways had not consented to delivery to the front of the house.

Play area. – The councillors were disappointed that the supplier of the see-saw would only provide a warranty for one year for the pivot.

The clerk will ask the district council’s inspection team whether the component required replacement at the current time.

Plant tubs. – Councillor Honor Byford said she would meet the owners of some plant tubs and other items which were still outside their homes.

These, and those outside any businesses, should be within one metre of the front wall, subject to receiving confirmation of insurance cover.

There was also concern that some refuse bins were being left outside properties for several days.

A letter will be sent to the owners of letting properties asking them to ensure that any rubbish was removed at the end of each let rather than being left until the next collection day.

Skip request. – It was agreed that a skip could be placed outside Harmby House for an initial period of one month, to be renewed upon application.

Next meeting. – The annual meeting of the town council will be held in the Key Centre at 7pm on Wednesday, May 24.