Middlesbrough man fined value of products he stole from Leyburn shop

York Magistrates' Court.

A Middlesbrough man has been told to pay back the value of goods he stole from a Leyburn shop.

John Walker, 22, from Fransham Road, appeared before York Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

He was charged with theft at the Co-op in Leyburn on September 24.

Walker admitted stealing the alcohol and theft, which were valued at £210.45.

The court ordered him to pay back the same amount at a rate of £50 a week.

No order for costs was made.

No other sentence was handed to the defendant.



  1. What a joke. So he just has to pay for the goods. No point in being honest. Just pinch them and if you are caught then pay for them. Should of had a hefty fine in addition, as we’ll as paying all the police and court costs.

  2. I agree with “MICK H” I think its worth a try, lets nick all of our Christmas presents from supermarkets and then perhaps pay for them at £50 a week if we are caught. not a bad deal really, better than a credit card as there is no interest. what a laugh.

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