Millie passes sign language course without dropping a mark

Millie Aston.

A year 12 pupil at Richmond School and Sixth Form College has passed the British Sign Language (BSL) course, achieving 100 per cent in all ten modules.

Seventeen-year-old Millie Aston was prompted to study for the qualification after encountering hearing loss herself and appreciating first-hand how challenging and alienating deafness can be.

Millie said: “I was born deaf and couldn’t hear or speak until the age of four and the thought of learning sign language has always fascinated me.

“Having struggled with hearing from a young age, I really empathise with others who experience hearing impairments and how isolating it can be.  I believe it is an important skill as it allows you to communicate with so many more people.

“I am hoping to get in touch with people who use sign language so I can help them, but unfortunately this is going to be difficult at the moment.”

Millie started the BSL course after finishing her GCSEs and has been studying since the summer, alongside working hard for four A-levels, dedicating many hours of her time to the sign language course.

The course features ten modules, each with an online test at the end of the training, followed by a large final exam once all the elements have been completed.

Les Richardson, head of the sixth form college, said: “We are immensely proud of Millie and everything she has put in to achieving this qualification.

“She is working incredibly hard at school, studying four A-levels, so it is testament to her work ethic and strong community spirit that she has done so well.”