Ministry of Defence contractors facing redundancy at Catterick Garrison

Concerns have been raised about redundancies and working conditions among civilian staff at Catterick Garrison.

A number of staff working for contractor Aramark have been told their jobs are at risk, it is understood.

One worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said staff were already working “flat-out” and there was concern about the impact of the cuts on remaining staff.

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The catering worker told Richmondshire Today they knew of ten to 15 people who had received letters, but they said there could be lots more across the base.

The staff member said catering staff were under pressure to produce “retail” meals that soldiers could pay for instead of opting for basic “core” menu items.

“There’s a lot more work goes into the retail meals. We just can’t physically do the work we are supposed to before the redundancies.

“Staff are coming in and working for no pay just to get the job done.”

“They’re not telling us anything. Their buzz words are ‘open and honest’  but they’re being far from it.”

Catterick county councillor Helen Grant said she was extremely concerned by the comments she was receiving from employees of Aramark who told her they were worried about their jobs.

She said she had alerted Rishi Sunak MP and hoped that some positive news would be forthcoming.

She added: “Those affected should make best use of their trades union representatives in what is a difficult time.”

A spokesman for the MP confirmed they had received correspondence about the situation at the base and were investigating.

Aramark took over the contract to supply soft facilities management services, including catering, cleaning and retail, to military bases in the region in January. Aramark was working with Carillion until the firm went into liquidation.

The contract with the MoD was previously held by Sodexo. In 2016, Sodexo workers told how cuts to contracted hours and increased workloads had seen them stretched to breaking point and in fear of their jobs.

Aramark said the contracts it had taken over in the North of England operated with significant differences from the specifications of previous contracts.

The company added: “This requires all contract partners to take a different approach to how they operate and provide services.

“In partnership with our clients, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the service that we offer across all three of our regions. As we continue to operate our contracts, we recognise opportunities to improve efficiency and ensure greater flexibility in our service model.

“The changes, supported by investment in tools, equipment, technology and training for our team members, will provide tighter supervision and management and deliver greater accountability, responsibility, customer service and quicker resolutions of questions across the board.”

The company added that as part of this process, they would shortly start a formal consultation for employees affected by the proposed changes.

The statement added: “We understand that this may be an unsettling time for those who may be impacted by any proposed changes and we’ll continue to communicate, provide regular updates and have dialogue with our employees throughout the process to provide them with as much support as possible.”

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  1. These firms try to do it with less staff so the can make a large profit.They bid for contracts then cut the staff but expect the same amount of work to be done with less staff.

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